Tips and Tricks for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is right around the corner! This holiday weekend, get the most out of your security system by fiddling with some of the features found in the Interactive and Ultimate Monitoring plans. Whether you’re firing up the grill, having guests over, or heading out to enjoy one of the many festivities going on, consider…

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How to Deal with Doorknockers

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Unfortunately, door-knocking (door-to-door solicitation) is a prevalent and problematic part of the home security industry. You may have even experienced it firsthand, a seller on your doorstep trying to push their home alarm system onto you with an offer that you can’t refuse. Sometimes they’re making a legit case, but too often they’re just trying…

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Moving Made Easy

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Hooray for warmer weather! Time for vacations, camping, barbecuing and for many, moving. Plan on moving to a new home any time soon? Let us give you a hand by providing you everything you need to move your Frontpoint system quickly and safely. Just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to set you…

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How to Enable and Configure Geo-Services

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Last week, I went over some of the interactive features that Frontpoint has offer, one of them being Geo-Services, a tool that’s all about making life a little bit easier for you. Let’s dive into what Geo-Services is all about, and how you can set it up for yourself. Geo-Services in a Nutshell It starts…

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The Benefits of Interactive Features

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Back in the days of yore, home alarm systems had one purpose and purpose only: to help protect your home and family. Nowadays, it’s a different story, with alarm systems coming with all kinds of extra goodies. And one of these goodies – interactive features – helps us feel not just protected, but connected too. Interactive features provides…

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