The New Wireless Outdoor Camera

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Say hello to the new Frontpoint Wireless Outdoor Camera! We always want to give you the latest and greatest in technology, and this camera has some exciting new features that make it much more user-friendly. Without further ado, here are a few of the major improvements you’ll see in the new and improved model of…

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Protect Your Home from Package Thieves

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california police surveillance security camera

As an online shopaholic (curse you one-click checkout!), I get really excited knowing there’s a package just waiting on my doorstep. I can only imagine how distraught I’d be if I came home to find that my package was stolen. Unfortunately, thousands of people across the country have experienced this. “Package thieves” are plucking freshly-delivered…

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How a Freeze Sensor Works

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The winter can be brutal, bringing harsh and unpredictable weather that batters your home. Naturally, we want to stay inside to escape the bitter cold, but even that can be a hazardous if you’re not careful. Pipes are tricky to manage and there’s always the lingering threat that they could freeze and burst during winter,…

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Connect with Your Home Using Advanced Interactive Services

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Alarm systems today have evolved to do much more than just help protect your home and family. Thanks to advanced interactive services, they let you feel not just protected, but connected. Today, I’m going to talk about how these systems have evolved to keep you more connected with your home, specifically through remote arming and disarming, and notifications….

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Top Four Home Security Trends for 2015

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Another year has come and gone in what seems like a flash. 2014 shaped up to be a big year for home security as it continued to integrate and crossover into the world of smart home technology. There seemed to be a new startup company popping up every month introducing their new take on alarm…

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