Burglars Do Come Back – In One Case, a Total of Five Times in One Week before Arrest

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We know that burglars do come back to the scene of the crime. It may be a few days later, or even years after the striking the first time: having just completed a three-year prison term, one serial burglar in FL even revisited a house he had previously broken into – and was caught again! In this recent report from upstate New York, a particularly persistent intruder targeted a victim after learning her schedule – she was a waitress – and broke in five times over the course of a week, for a relatively modest return. And yes, he too was caught. I did not include this character in my “Stupidest Burglar” series, although I probably could have!


A 21-year-old man, who allegedly helped himself to more than $800 of a waitress’s tips during repeated break-ins at her home, was caught in the act by investigators after he broke in again, State Police said. Jordan Gryner faces five felony counts of second-degree burglary, as well as resisting arrest and other counts, in connection with the break-ins at a Copake Lake residence that occurred over the course of a week.

Fifth Time is the Charm

“He knew the woman was a waitress and what hours she worked, and he went into the house when she was at work,” Senior Investigator Gary Mazzacano said. “She put her tip money in a box, and when she realized it was being taken, she made sure she locked the doors and windows.” After she found that the money was missing again, she reported it to police.

Now, there are plenty of people who get an alarm system installed after the first intrusion. But as we know from prior reports on burglars returning to rob the same homes, not everyone thinks that way.

The Stake Out

On Thursday, State Police investigators felt there was “a good chance he’d be back that night, so we put guys in the house, and they caught him taking $8,” Mazzacano said. The investigators were in the room with the box when Gryner allegedly entered. During his arrest, he struggled with officers who used a Taser on him. Gryner was also charged with possession of burglary tools. Police said he used a pry bar, flashlight and latex gloves to break in to the home.

Interesting that he was smart enough to use latex gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, but dumb enough to think he could think he could just keep coming back for more. Go figure…

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  1. Alan

    Yeah, pretty bold and brazen burglar. Can’t imagine their thought process.

    • Peter M. Rogers

      Thanks, Alan – yes, hard to believe. I think perhaps “thought process” is being generous!

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