Adding to Your Wireless Home System

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One of the great benefits of a wireless home alarm system is that you can easily add devices without the mess and annoyance – or expense – of running wires when you want additional protection. It’s even easier if you set up your own system in the first place, since now you don’t even need to schedule a technician to come to your home.

What Does Wireless Really Mean?

Wireless home alarm systems are easier to set up, and easier to use. And when I say “wireless,” I meanit both ways: wireless alarm sensors have become the norm, and wireless communication (which means safer cellular monitoring) is now offered by more alarm companies. Both of these technology advances have created alarm systems that are simple for anyone to install. In fact, these days you can purchase a “real” alarm system (meaning a system that meets national standards from Underwriters Laboratories) that’s fully programmed and can be set up in about half an hour, with no tools or wires. That also means you can start with the basics, and build the perfect home alarm on your budget and schedule.

What Alarm Protection Can You Add?

Since adding additional protection is so easy (and affordable), it’s really up to you when deciding where to expand your protection. Crime may be increasing in the neighborhood, or you may start traveling more – or have another child on the way. The good news is that a good wireless home alarm should support up to 40 sensors – so system capacity is not an issue. I made a list of the most popular add-on devices, hoping it will trigger some ideas when you see what other alarm users have done to increase their peace of mind. Here are some suggestions:

  • Wireless Smoke and Heat Sensor. This is a natural, if you didn’t buy one the first time around. Every home alarm system should have at least one monitored smoke and heat sensor – and your alarm company should not charge extra for monitoring them! You need more than just a noisemaker: unless it’s monitored, that’s what you’ve got.
  • Door and Window Sensor. This is a natural, not just to cover that additional window that you think is vulnerable, but perhaps to keep tabs on internal openings, using interactive alarm monitoring that can notify you by text or email. Gun safe? Medicine cabinet? Wine cellar? Or a teen-aged daughter’s room? You would be surprised how many parents are interested in that last one!
  • Environmental Sensors. Think carbon monoxide, water/flood, or even low temperature. These are all logical add-on devices, once you realize how much information your alarm system can provide directly to you, as well as the monitoring center.
  • Smart Security Cameras. The growth in home security surveillance is remarkable – and it makes sense. You can now live view your home via any web-enabled device (like your iPhone or Droid phone), and even receive motion activated video clips when kids get home or someone is at the door.

That’s only a partial list, since you should be able to add any device your alarm company provides. At FrontPoint, we sell all the wireless sensors that GE Security offers – and that’s a long list. As the nationwide leader for interactive, wireless home security, we specialize in systems that you set up yourself, add to whenever you want, and even move with you. Securing your home doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. Adding protection should be easy, but it certainly helps when you have the right alarm system – and the right alarm company – to begin with!


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