Apps are a Snap – The New Way to Phone Home with Interactive Alarm Services

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FrontPoint Offers Free Home Security Apps for SmartphonesRoughly 60 million Americans carry a web-enabled phone, but only about half of them use their phones to access the web. Why?

Could be extra fees, or folks needing a good reason to go on-line with their phones. Turns out the growth in mobile web access is on a steep curve, though, and one of the biggest reasons: new apps that are specially designed for cell phones.

Smart companies are developing apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Droid devices that are fun and easy to use – and this trend even extends to your alarm system! Here are some great examples:

  • Remote system arming/disarming: forget to arm when you leave? No problem!
  • Email & text notifications: be in the know on anything happening at home. When did the kids get home, or the dog walker show up? Did you lose power in that storm? Did someone disarm the system?
  • Video services: live viewing from your phone, plus motion-activated clips sent to you real-time – and these can be stored for you to access later. There are even pan & tilt cameras you can control remotely!
  • Smart home – remote control of lights, locks, and thermostat for the ultimate in remote connectivity.

I carry a BlackBerry, and get an email every time a door opens at our house. It’s a great way to track when people are coming and going (family and service providers). Our grown kids know that I know when they come in at 2 am – not that it changes their behavior!

What the apps do is make it all easier, and faster. The navigation is simple and user-friendly, and all the functions are available at the push of the button. In fact, the truth is that most alarm companies now lag the apps: most major alarm system providers (especially the “big boys” with their traditional land-line based alarm systems) are not offering these advanced interactive features, but it’s getting easier to find the smart, nimble companies who are.

Here are some FBI stats from 2008: the expectation is that 2009 will be even worse.

  1. Only about 25% of US homes are protected by a monitored alarm system.
  2. A burglary happens in the US every 15 seconds.
  3. Homes without monitored alarm systems were three times more likely to be hit.

With the trend in burglaries on the increase, more people are getting an alarm system. Plus, with alarm systems capable of doing much more these days, and with great apps to support the new interactive remote features, plenty of folks who never considered an alarm system now want one.

FrontPoint Security has been a leader not just in interactive features and wireless security, but also in providing free apps to our customers: iPhone, Blackberry, and now Droid. In fact, the most frequent compliment we hear is about the apps, and how people use and appreciate them. FrontPoint has a Podcast on apps (click here to see Podcast). And, here’s a link to the FrontPoint Facebook page, where you can read the great app reviews for yourself. If you haven’t “Liked” FrontPoint yet, we invite you to do so!

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