Wireless Home Security – New Entrants to the Home Security Systems Industry

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The US security systems industry has a long and interesting history going back to the mid-1800’s. And the name of the largest US security systems company, ADT, actually stands for American District Telegraph. Yup, the basic technologies, and even some of the players, have been around for a long time. But until the past few…

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How to Bypass an Alarm Sensor

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Alarm systems continue to evolve, and that’s a very good thing for homeowners: not only do these modern marvels do more than they ever did, but they are also easier and more intuitive to use.  And while the home security technology platform has expanded to include interactive monitoring, smart home video, and even home automation…

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Fire Detection

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Home alarm systems are, as we’ve discussed, not just about intrusion detection. Another very important role that residential security technology can play in your peace of mind is to add an additional layer of protection, in the form of fire detection. Unlike intrusion direction, which is only “active” when your alarm system is armed, fire…

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Alarm Systems Design

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With more alarm companies offering Do-It-Yourself (DIY) alarm system options, a topic in need of attention is designing the level of protection that is right for your home. The best DIY alarm companies work closely with you, and make recommendations based on the layout of your home and the way you will be using your…

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