Best of 2012: Enhancing the Wireless Home

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Can you remember what it was like to be anchored in place when you talked on the phone? Chained to a countertop or wall by that curly, corkscrew cord attached to the handset?  Worse yet, can you remember walking across the room to change a TV channel? Seriously?

Obviously those days are gone. Wireless technology has changed our lives so much that the limitations we tolerated just a decade or two ago now seem almost comical. Peter’s blogs last year often addressed the security industry’s use of wireless, and beneficial features like environmental sensors, wireless cameras and home automation. This blog revisits the popular May posting, in which Peter discussed ways to enhance your home with wireless security devices.

The Double Benefit of Wireless

The term “wireless,” as applied to security systems, actually has two meanings:

  1. Wireless sensors, which use secure frequencies to communicate with the Control Panel. The benefits: simpler, cleaner setup, with no wires through your walls; and no dependency on other systems in your home.
  2. Cellular alarm signaling between the Control Panel and the Monitoring Center. This feature also makes setup a breeze, but the real value is in the extra reliability and safety. Don’t trust your security to vulnerable phone or cable lines!

Since wireless security equipment is so easy to set up, with great flexibility and portability, customers can start with a basic alarm system and add equipment anytime they want. If your family grows, or you move to a bigger house, or your budget expands, you can enhance your level of security – with no hassle or financial penalties. With FrontPoint, for example, the only cost is for the new equipment itself. Your monitoring fee won’t change.

In hundreds of customer reviews, we hear how much our system owners love the FrontPoint wireless features. For example, this Yelp reviewer said:

FrontPoint is very simple and to the point. They basically mail you a box full of wireless sensors which you place all over your house. You then call up and activate with them, and voila, you’re being monitored. … your system is completely customizable. Need 40 windows covered? No problem. Want to put a flood sensor if you’re in a low lying area? They have a sensor for that too.                            Jeff S – Yelp

Extra Safety

As Jeff mentions above, different homes have different needs. The majority of our customers add equipment to cover additional safety risks, like fire and other environmental dangers. Here are examples of simple wireless devices that will enhance your safety:

  • Smoke and Heat Sensor
  • Water/Floor Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor (CO)
  • Freeze Sensor (protects against burst pipes)
  • Garage Door Sensor (protects additional point of entry)

Here’s how a simple sensor provided real value for this FrontPoint customer:

The only time I needed the system for real was when the hose to the washing machine leaked and began to fill the basement. The flood sensor that I have on my system alerted me, and I was able to fix the leak before any damage was done.                GeriDoc – CitySearch

Extra Convenience

As the security industry embraces new technology, customers gain benefits that go beyond safety. A wireless home can simplify your life, adding convenience as well as control. Home Automation is a great example. Primarily using wireless technology called Z-Wave, home automation enables you to remotely “talk” to your home. You can issue commands and adjust settings through your security system. Here are three examples from FrontPoint:

  • Light Control – create automatic schedules, or turn lights on and off remotely
  • Thermostat Control – monitor and control home temperatures, anytime, from anywhere
  • Keypad Door Locks – manage visitor entry with unique user codes; open the door remotely

Extra Insight

The wireless video camera gained a lot of popularity in 2012. FrontPoint customers love video’s personal benefits as well as the extra security. Many use security cameras to monitor their pets while they’re at work. Parents also love watching the kids get home from school – and seeing who came home with them!

Since Peter’s original blog in May, FrontPoint released three wireless upgrades to our line of video security cameras. New features include easy push-button setup, night vision and improved image resolution. With the Wireless Outdoor Camera, customers can spot trouble before it even gets to the door. The enhanced Pan and Tilt Camera lets users zero in on exactly what they want to see, anywhere in the room. Since these cameras connect wirelessly to the Internet, they’re accessible from almost anywhere. FrontPoint brings the onsite feed live to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Any motion at the house triggers a video clip, and a notification straight to you.

Here’s what one customer says about the video feature

I love to be able to pull up video of our house on my iPhone while I’m at work. It’s nice to see what our dog is up to, and comforting to see that no one is in the house. Great interactive website for Frontpoint customers, too.              Ingrid G – Yelp

As the nationwide leader for interactive, wireless home security, FrontPoint demonstrates countless ways that technology enables an easier, safer life.

Here are tips and comments from other FrontPoint customers:

Frontpoint offers garage door monitors, on top of the regular window/door, motion and glass breaking sensors. Now we’re alerted if the garage door is open after a certain hour and if open for too long of time. I love this alert as well as the alerts you can set up to tell you if you forgot to set your alarm.                    CK – Yelp

 Not having to have a contract with the landlord (wireless sensors means no wiring) has been great for me (I’ve moved 5 times in the past 2 years for different jobs). It’s been perfect!               Andrew Stone – Facebook

 Great service, set-up was straightforward. I’ve got my locks and thermostat integrated and the system works great.              Glen Tracy – Facebook

I like that if I do get broken into, there’s nothing for the guys to tear out of the wall as has happened to neighbors.                 Allison Kelsey – Facebook

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