Best of 2012: Security Innovations – Touch Screen

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Ability to access information was a stand-out theme for 2012 – both in the security industry and everyday life. Mobility and connectivity are no longer “trends” pursued by only the young or the first-adapters.  We now live in a society that craves – and demands – quick, convenient access to information.

In 2012, we saw skyrocketing popularity for the iPad and many other tablets issued by manufacturers following Apple’s lead.  Windows 8 rolled out a flexible, easy-to-use Start screen, optimized for touch screen computers.  The common denominator?  Information at our fingertips, accessible with a simple tap.

In an emergency, instant information could literally mean the difference between life and death. The security industry recognized, and has now embraced, the need for speedy, easily-accessible information on the security status of our homes and businesses. In fact, FrontPoint Security was founded on a commitment to reliably bring critical information to the right people at the right time. Since we’re also dedicated to simplifying our customers’ lives, we made it extremely convenient to access that data.

In a blog post last April, we focused on a security innovation called the wireless Touch Screen.  Introduced by GE Security, the Touch Screen control provides easy-to-use convenience for alarm system users. At FrontPoint, we were quick to add this awesome device to our comprehensive suite of equipment. As the national leader in wireless home security, we want to offer customers every possible option for enhancing both safety and convenience.

The Touch Screen has become the perfect addition to any large or two-story home, so that customers can quickly access and control their alarm system, from alternate locations. The color touch-screen controls bring you the info you need, quickly.

Forget to arm your system at night? With one simple tap on the screen, it’s done. Want to adjust the thermostat? Done. Did you leave a window open? Check the Touch Screen, before traveling all the way downstairs in the dark. Or, use the Touch Screen to turn the lights on! It’s integrated with your home automation as well as your security.

Since that earlier blog, customers have provided some great, positive feedback about this device. Here is one example, which a user posted last year:

Alan – Apr. 21, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Yep, I have this and love it. From my bedroom I can arm/disarm, control all lights or individual ones, see and adjust thermostat, see the present temp at the thermostat, etc. Very easy to use, and I really like it. I am glad more cool things like this are on the way.

As Alan mentions, the Touch Screen is only the first such device that GE Security plans to release.

At FrontPoint, we’re proud to leverage cutting-edge technology to make home security safer, smarter and simpler. Our wireless security equipment is extremely easy to set up and use. And our built-in cellular signaling ensures that when an alarm goes off at your home or business, the monitoring center will receive that critical information immediately. Check out some of the other security innovations we rolled out last year, like the Wireless Outdoor Camera, or Pan/Tilt Indoor Camera. Like the Touch Screen control, these devices are built to give you interactive access to all security-related activity at your home.

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