Burglaries Double in NYC Suburb – Crime Spotlight on Nutley, NJ

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Only eleven miles from New York City, Nutley, NJ is known for its historic brownstones and extensive park system. And in the recently published article on 2009 NJ state crime stats (yes, crime figures are generally released about a year late) the town fared well, except for one category – burglaries.

The recently-released 2009 New Jersey Uniform Crime Report indicates that Nutley’s crime rate dropped by close to eight percent compared to 2008, but the number of burglaries in town increased. “By and large we did well,” said Nutley Police Chief John Holland. “Total crime is down, and that makes me happy, but the report only captures the most serious offenses.”

The Hard Numbers

The statistics note an upward trend in two categories: domestic violence, increasing 35 percent, and burglary, jumping 46 percent to 190 cases. The report defines burglaries as either unlawful entry or attempted entry of any structure.

It’s great news when most violent crime is down, for any municipality. But as for the increase in burglaries, Nutley mirrors the rest of the country when it comes to what local law enforcement thinks is a leading factor.

Holland said the numbers do not reflect a key component of law enforcement: drug offenses, which he said can fuel other crime-related categories. Holland said the burglaries often involve defendants stealing to feed a drug habit, especially in the case of prescription drugs, which, while costly, are growing in popularity, namely among adults in their 20’s.

Other Commonalities

According to a survey of police agencies statewide contained in the report, some factors that could be contributing to more burglaries are “extreme increases in population” in some places, leading to more housing in suburban and rural areas, and both husbands and wives working during the day, leaving homes often unoccupied for long periods of time.

It’s true that most burglaries happen during the day, despite what the “traditional” alarm companies portray in those “scary” TV commercials. Empty homes are an invitation to intruders, and many homes are empty all day.

What You Can Do

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