Burglars Steal Guns, and Kids Find Guns at Home: Get the Right Alarm System

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Guns stored in the home are a favorite target for burglars – and reports from all around the US confirm this fact. These weapons are also the cause of number of accidental shootings in the home – often by children who find them. In fact here’s a sobering quote from an on-line gun safety posting:

“One study found that 75 to 80 percent of first and second graders in homes with a gun knew where it was kept.”


Here’s a link to the full article, with plenty of good advice for parents (and others) on how to store guns in the home. And the following excerpt (from this article) helps explains why the issue is getting more attention:

“More than a third of U.S. households have guns. Yet nearly half — 43 percent — keep at least one gun unlocked.”

We know what burglars are after when they break in: cash, jewelry, electronics, guns, and other items that can be easily and quickly converted to cash. The additional risk with stolen guns is that they can be used on the next victim – or on you, since burglars often return to the scene of previous crime for a second helping. Here is one story from Pennsylvania, in which the bad guys stole 12 guns from a home, and the article says it all:

“…the latest string of home break-ins, which all happened in broad daylight. But it’s what the burglars took that is most disturbing. Home invaders found a locked gun cabinet and now those guns are somewhere on the street.”

In another recent report, this time from CA, burglars stole two rifles and two handguns, along with other items. Sadly, neither report contains a recommendation for a monitored alarm system, or even for the most basic protection – a locking gun safe.

Crime’s on the rise, with a burglary committed every fifteen seconds in the US, so it’s hard to understand why only one in four homes has a monitored alarms system – especially with the interactive, wireless home security systems available today. And speaking of smarter interactive features, here is a great security tip for gun owners: tie that locking gun safe into your alarm system. Assuming your alarm systems has interactive features that can notify you by text or email on anything happening in your home, you can place a wireless door/window sensor on the door of the gun safe. Then if anyone opens the safe (with or without permission), you’ll know immediately.

FrontPoint is committed to protecting your family and home, and we have all the tools: safer cellular monitoring, smarter interactive features, simpler easy-install activation, and affordable pricing. If you have guns in the home, and if so you are far from alone, then make them hard to find – and harder to steal. We hope you find this post right on target!

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