Burglary Ring Busted – Crime Spotlight on Volusia County, FL

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I see a lot of crime reports from Florida, and here’s one more about a burglary ring that was just busted. Mind you, I’m not picking on the Sunshine State – my wife is from there – but as the fourth most populous state (behind CA, TX, and NY), Florida is bound to have plenty of crime. The stories I share here illustrate a point, and today’s example reinforces several you’ve have read in these posts. But first, the news:

They liked to grab flat screen televisions, electronics, jewelry, guns and anything they could lay their hands on in a hurry. But now four men are in jail after ransacking at least a dozen homes since September in the DeLand and Deltona areas. It wasn’t just one thing that brought their crime spree to an end, but a combination of fingerprints, eyewitness accounts and brazenness.

What They Stole

So far this report reads like so many others, right down to the items targeted by the burglars (remember the post on what intruders steal the most?). Electronics, jewelry, guns, cash: the list is the same everywhere. But these alleged crooks follow the script right to the letter! Read on:

When They Broke In – and How

They worked in teams during the day. Their favored method of entry was kicking in the door or hurling concrete blocks through windows. This three month spree started in late September when Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputies got a 911 call about a home which had just been burglarized. A neighbor who witnessed two men hauling a large television out of the house provided a good vehicle description. Inside the escape vehicle, deputies found computers, television, jewelry and ammunition from at least four other home burglaries. In mid-October, fingerprints lifted from some of the recovered stolen property identified the other suspect who had eluded officers and deputies.

Day time intrusion is the new norm. As for the doors and windows, here’s the story on how intruders break in, for more detail on the bad guys’ preferred points of entry.  It’s really not surprising how similar these tactics can be all across the country – after all, most burglaries are the same type of random, opportunistic act no matter where they occur.

What You Can Do

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