Busted for Burglary – Denver Crime Ring Struck Forty Times Before Arrests

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Daytime burglaries. Drug habits. Electronics and jewelry. This crime story contains plenty of the recurring themes I’ve posted about here when reporting on residential crime. In this case, the gang that committed over 40 of these intrusions was active in and around Denver, CO – and the full scope of their activities is still being investigated. But let’s explore further, and see what we can learn from this recent article from the Denver Post:

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Parker Police Department have filed charges against six people for their alleged involvement in a burglary scheme that victimized more than 40 apartments throughout the Denver metro area. A case has been filed with the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office against the suspects on over 84 charges, including violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act and racketeering.

How the Burglars Did It

The suspects would have a female knock on apartment doors around lunch. If somebody answered the door, she would say she had the wrong apartment. If nobody answered, the rest of the group would break into the apartment. They would then begin to move items in boxes and bags to a moving truck outside, making it appear as though the residents were moving out.

I have spoken to many apartment dwellers who think they are safe from burglary because they live in apartments: clearly, that’s not the case. I’ve even posted on the fact that renters need security too, and most of the alarm industry has been very slow to respond to that need.

What They Stole – and Why

Detectives were eventually able to identify and track down over 2,000 stolen items, mostly electronics and jewelry. Sgt. It appears the suspects sold the items and used the money to purchase narcotics, according to Sgt. Ron Hanavan, a spokesman with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

There we have it once again: electronics and jewelry. These categories are on the short list of items burglars steal the most, along with cash, guns, and prescription drugs. And speaking of drugs, it’s hardly surprising that narcotics usage was a driver in these crimes. I see that simple fact mentioned in hundreds of these reports a month.

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