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The Truth about Cell Jammers

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A few weeks ago, a customer on Facebook presented us with this question: “My area has had several burglaries, and police report the thieves are using GSM/Cellular Jammers to prevent alarm systems from accessing a cellular signal while they burglarize the houses. Is my FrontPoint system susceptible to this type of device?” Questions about cellular…

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How DIY Home Security is the Greener Solution

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FrontPoint is built on a “green” business model, but it’s not readily apparent at first glance. Our alarm systems have many environmentally-friendly advantages — such as reduced use of environmentally-harmful materials – not to mention how our business operates. We have efforts in place to minimize waste, while maximizing efficiency. We know that we’re not…

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Common False Alarms: Advice from the Experts

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In our false alarm series so far, we’ve discussed what you need to know and what pet owners can do to minimize false alarms. This time around, we’re getting tips and information from emergency responders, the frontline members who have to respond to false alarms. They’ll touch on how problematic false alarms can be as…

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Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

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For many, spring break is the first opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. Schools and universities let out, employees take much-needed vacations, and families and friends venture to warm weather destinations. Spring break is the perfect time to just get away, relax and have a blast. However, some people take it too far…

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How to Flood Proof Your Home

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flood proof

For the past few weeks, we’ve discussed the importance of being prepared for a disaster situation, especially floods. We’ve offered tips on how to prepare and how to put together a disaster kit. But there’s one thing we haven’t discussed yet: proactive and preventative measures. Being prepared and disaster kits are important, but they are…

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