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How to Set Up No-Show Alerts

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School’s back in session and there’s no better time to remind you about no-show alerts. A commonly overlooked feature of the Frontpoint system, the no-show alert, is a great tool to make sure your kids get home safely after school. What are No-Show Alerts? A no-show alert is a notification that is triggered when the…

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How to Deal with Doorknockers

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Unfortunately, door-knocking (door-to-door solicitation) is a prevalent and problematic part of the home security industry. You may have even experienced it firsthand, a seller on your doorstep trying to push their home alarm system onto you with an offer that you can’t refuse. Sometimes they’re making a legit case, but too often they’re just trying…

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Moving Made Easy

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Hooray for warmer weather! Time for vacations, camping, barbecuing and for many, moving. Plan on moving to a new home any time soon? Let us give you a hand by providing you everything you need to move your Frontpoint system quickly and safely. Just give us a ring and we’ll be happy to set you…

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FrontPoint How To: Multiple User Codes

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Accessibility is a huge part of the FrontPoint home alarm system. We want you to be able to access your alarm system when you want or need to, as conveniently as possible. It’s why FrontPoint offers products like the Keychain Remote or Talking TouchPad, and features like the mobile app. These are great for a…

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Top 10 Tips for Managing Springtime Allergies

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Tips for dealing with spring allergies pollen

AH-CHOO! AH-CHOOOO! Sorry. Spring allergies have already hit me hard this year, leaving me a blurry-eyed, runny-nosed and sneezing mess. And I’m not the only one suffering. An estimated 40 to 50 million people in the U.S. are affected by hay fever, according to the ACAAI. This year’s spring season could be particularly brutal for…

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