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Tips to Live Green in 2014

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Green living has been the blog’s central theme for the month of April and while we’ve discussed specific green topics – solar energy, eco-friendly moving options, etc. – we’ve yet to answer this very simple question: how do YOU achieve a greener lifestyle, especially if you have no idea where to begin? Sure, converting your…

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The Many Uses of a Wireless Light Control

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wireless light control

The Wireless Light Control is a convenient and useful addition to any home security system. This piece of home automation equipment is connected to the alarm system via Z-Wave and turns one of the most common and basic of tasks – turning lights on/off – into an even easier one. You may never have thought about flicking the switch on…

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How to Design a Home Security System: Home Evaluation

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Designing a home security system can be difficult. There’s a daunting amount of equipment to learn and there are many alarm companies trying to tell you what to buy. We have a different approach, and we’re here to help. Putting together a home alarm system is not about selecting from a set of predetermined bundled…

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6 Ways a Door Window Sensor Makes Life Easier

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The Door Window Sensor is a staple of home security systems, far and away the most commonly used of all security sensors. It’s easy to see why, stick the two pieces on a door or window and you’re done. It embodies what a good security system should be: simple and effective. However, there’s much more…

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