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Home Safety Tips for Halloween

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Boo! Ghosts, ghouls and goblins aren’t the only things to worry about this Halloween. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for a real-life threat: burglars. Thanks to the likelihood of homes being left unattended as families leave to go trick-or-treating or to attend parties, Halloween presents a unique opportunity for burglars. There’s also…

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Home Safety Tips for Fall

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It’s important to have a good security system protecting your house. However, security shouldn’t begin and end with your system. It’s also very important to secure your home in basic ways that don’t involve your system. This can help deter burglars before they even get close to your house. Fall presents additional challenges for homeowners…

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How to Prepare Your Alarm System for Fall

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Since fall has started, it’s a great time to give your system a good checkup. The colder season brings higher risks of fires, leaks and freezing pipes, which makes it necessary to make sure everything is running properly. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything elaborate. Maintenance of your Frontpoint system is very simple….

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False Alarm Prevention

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False alarms, the bane of the home security industry: an annoyance for the companies to handle, a nightmare for homeowners and a thorn in the side of emergency responders. Safe to say, no one likes false alarms. Thankfully, most false alarms are caused by human error, which means they’re easily fixed. But pinpointing the exact…

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How to Protect Your Home During a Vacation

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We already shared a few tips on how to protect your belongings while you travel, but what about your belongings back home? When traveling, it usually means you’ll be leaving your house empty and exposed. Obviously, this isn’t an ideal situation, and with burglars often looking for signs of an empty home, it can also be dangerous. But there…

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