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Alarm Systems Design

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With more alarm companies offering Do-It-Yourself (DIY) alarm system options, a topic in need of attention is designing the level of protection that is right for your home. The best DIY alarm companies work closely with you, and make recommendations based on the layout of your home and the way you will be using your…

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Assessing Today’s Alarm Industry

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Back in 1989, when I first joined the home security industry, things were a lot simpler. The technology was much more limited, and it was a lot harder for consumers to differentiate one alarm company from another. You normally ended up selecting a local provider, who took a few days to install a hard-wired system…

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Wireless Home Security – Notifications that Keep You in the Know

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We’ve already talked about how today’s alarm systems have evolved to do much more than just help protect your home and family. There are many ways in which advanced interactive services let you feel not just protected, but connected as well. And here’s a particularly important example: text or email notifications about events and conditions…

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Wireless Home Security – Shop for Great Service

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Homeowners shopping for home security are looking for peace of mind: that’s a fact. And that’s why most home alarm systems are professionally monitored, and even explains why most of the systems sold today feature safer cellular monitoring for greater reliability. Plus, the technology is evolving, to include features such as: Interactive services for remote…

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