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Home Alarm System for Peace of Mind

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home alarm system peace of mind

Whether after a day at work, a long hike or a week-long vacation, there’s just no place I’d rather be than in my home. There’s something about being home that fills me with a wonderful sense of peace, relaxation and happiness. It’s my safe haven – the place I can lounge around in my boxers…

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How Cameras Enhance Home Security

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security camera home alarm system

Last week, we discussed how interactive monitoring is one effective way to stay in the know about your home. Features like instant alerts and remote access help you stay connected 24/7. But there are more ways to enhance home security! Today, let’s talk about how security cameras can make you even more aware of what’s…

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Geo-Services and Thermostats, What’s the Big Deal?

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The thermostat at my house is a finicky beast. One moment, it’ll be set at the perfect temperature and then the next thing I know, the thermostat magically decides that it needs to be 10 degrees cooler. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, it’s not pleasant coming home to…

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Home Security 101: Alarm Monitoring Pricing Explained

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home security 101 alarm monitoring price

Last Monday we talked about the importance of understanding equipment pricing for your alarm system. Today we’ll tackle an equally complex issue: figuring out just what you are getting for your monthly alarm monitoring charge. And while it should be a pretty simple and straightforward process to get your arms around what you’re paying for,…

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