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Do I need the Frontpoint Touch-Screen Control Panel

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Since Frontpoint introduced its cutting-edge Touch-Screen Control Panel earlier this year, a frequent question we hear is, ‘why would I want the Touch-Screen Panel?’ This new panel offers the latest features, with many extra benefits, all wrapped in a sleek, modern design. It is a great solution for many of our customers who are looking for…

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The Different Ways to Arm Your Frontpoint System

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The Frontpoint alarm system can be used in many ways and easily adjusts to your lifestyle and home security needs. One way it adapts is through different arming modes.  Each mode arms specific sensors, giving you different options depending on what you need or what you’re doing. The biggest advantage of having multiple arming options…

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Wireless Indoor Camera: What Do These Lights Mean?

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A solid green light is good, but what about the other colors? Red, green, blue, solid or blinking – what does it all mean? The Status LED on your Wireless Indoor Camera conveys a lot of information, but only if you’re able to understand what it’s trying to tell you. If you’re not sure what…

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The Keychain Remote In-Depth

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The Keychain Remote can be one of the most useful tools to help you get the most out of your Frontpoint system. Here’s how.   Basic Alarm Needs Covered The Keychain Remote makes it easy to arm and disarm your system. Simply hit the corresponding Lock and Unlock buttons. Did you know that you can…

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Home Safety Tips for Fall

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It’s important to have a good security system protecting your house. However, security shouldn’t begin and end with your system. It’s also very important to secure your home in basic ways that don’t involve your system. This can help deter burglars before they even get close to your house. Fall presents additional challenges for homeowners…

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