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Summer Safety & Travel Tips: Don’t Let Burglars Use Social Media to Target Your Home

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summer and travel safety social media burglar

With well over 1 billion reported users, Facebook continues to grab headlines – some of them regarding privacy issues. In fact Facebook also figures largely in news articles about what not to share on social media, unless you want to come home to a ransacked house and missing cash, jewelry, and electronics. That’s because the bad guys are also cyber-savvy, and when…

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Apple’s HomeKit Announcement and the Connected Home

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frontpoint's take on apple's homekit announcement at the worldwide developer's conference

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), the company announced that it will be entering the realm of home automation through a programming feature called “HomeKit,” which will be included in the new iOS 8 operating system. Although there were relatively few details provided, this announcement has lots of people, especially in the home security and…

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Burglars Steal Peace of Mind from Victims in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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We’ve posted often on the following topics: What burglars steal (cash, jewelry, electronics, guns, prescription drugs) How burglars get in  (front and back doors, windows, garage) Why many of them steal in the first place (drugs play a big role, and this trend is getting worse) Why an alarm system is an effective deterrent (homes…

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Colorado Neighborhoods Stalked by Knock-Knock Burglars

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Every year when the FBI releases crime stats for the U.S., we learn that some types of crime go down, while others either stay constant, or even go up. And it’s been shown in recent years that the form of crime least likely to drop is residential crime, such as home burglaries. There is some…

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