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Getting in the Habit of Using Your System

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They say practice makes perfect. We say practice makes peace of mind. As a FrontPoint customer, it’s important to make it a habit to arm and disarm your security system daily. You’ve invested in one of the safest and most innovative security systems, let FrontPoint protect your home and family, and give you peace of…

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As you may already know, FrontPoint partnered with back at our conception in 2007. As a result of that partnership, our wireless home security system reaps many benefits from’s unique features. We’re very excited to announce that was recently named “Best” by CE Pro Magazine for its Geo-Services. We think Geo-Services offers…

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Protect Your Home from Costumed Criminals

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It’s Halloween: a time for trick-or-treating, fall festivals, haunted houses, and fun! Despite the jovial nature of this holiday, some people – like burglars – leverage it to trick unsuspecting victims. Hidden by darkness and increased activity in residential and business areas, a burglar can sneak by undetected. It’s difficult to spot suspicious activity with…

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The Basics of PIN Security

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Security isn’t limited to the home. In the age of social media and technology, hackers and thieves are trying to access your private accounts.  It’s more important now than ever to make sure they remain secure. One of the most common ways to do so is by using a personal identification number (PIN). A PIN…

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Best Home Alarm Systems for Travelers

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If you’re a frequent traveler, ensuring that your home is secure can be difficult.  This can be a problem because homes that are empty, or appear empty, are more likely to be targeted by burglars. Burglars look for subtle cues that may indicate that a home has been empty for some time; an unkempt lawn,…

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