Home Security Choices

Assessing Today’s Alarm Industry

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Back in 1989, when I first joined the home security industry, things were a lot simpler. The technology was much more limited, and it was a lot harder for consumers to differentiate one alarm company from another. You normally ended up selecting a local provider, who took a few days to install a hard-wired system…

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Home Automation is Better When It’s Integrated

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The tech world has been talking about the truly smart home for years, anticipating a time when we could control almost everything in the home with a single interface, even when we weren’t there. And we’ve actually moved a long way in that direction. But this profusion in smart home technology brings multiple problems to…

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How Companies Sell Alarm Systems

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As alarm system technology expands to increase your safety and convenience, more companies – and types of companies – are competing for your business. It’s an interesting time for the traditional alarm providers, some of whom have yet to realize the benefits of adding interactive features, video, and smart home automation to basic services like…

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