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The Truth about Cell Jammers

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A few weeks ago, a customer on Facebook presented us with this question: “My area has had several burglaries, and police report the thieves are using GSM/Cellular Jammers to prevent alarm systems from accessing a cellular signal while they burglarize the houses. Is my FrontPoint system susceptible to this type of device?” Questions about cellular…

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The End of the Line for Landlines

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FrontPoint Security is a wireless home security company. We’ve reminded you and others constantly about the liabilities of a wired alarm system because of its dependency on landlines. So you can imagine our interest when we came across an article on NPR’s tech blog. Is it the End of the Line for the Landline? by…

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When Lightning Strikes – How It Can Affect Home Security Systems

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When we think about weather damage, we typically think about a storm wreaking havoc on the exterior of homes. Strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning are all capable of dealing mishap on the outside. However, it’s not too often that we think about what could happen to inside of our homes. Just take a look…

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