How Wireless Works

How to Bypass an Alarm Sensor

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Alarm systems continue to evolve, and that’s a very good thing for homeowners: not only do these modern marvels do more than they ever did, but they are also easier and more intuitive to use.  And while the home security technology platform has expanded to include interactive monitoring, smart home video, and even home automation…

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What Do We Mean By “Wireless?”

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One of the most confusing words in the arena of electronic home security is the term “wireless.” And that’s because “wireless” has two primary meanings, relative to the protection of your home: The communication path between the sensors and the control unit (or “control panel”) in your home may be based on a short-range radio…

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Top 10 Tips for Springtime Car Maintenance

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At last, winter is over and spring is here. We’re happy to be free from the bitter cold and the endless piles of snow. I’m sure our cars – if they had feelings – would be equally as glad. During the winter, our cars take a beating. We have to beg them to start in…

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Home Automation 101: The Smart Home Reality

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A few years ago, the idea of a “smart” home still seemed out of our reach. However, as we’ve been discussing throughout the Home Automation 101 series, that’s clearly no longer the case. The smart home is now a reality. The rapid realization of the smart home also introduces a few questions. When and where…

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