Customer Spotlight: Dale L.

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“We recently retired and needed to secure our home in Pennsylvania so that we have peace of mind when we are in Florida. We researched online various home security systems and found Frontpoint to be highly rated at a reasonable price.

The self-installation was perfect. We didn’t have strangers entering our home and running wires through the walls. We would have purchased the cameras, but we turn off our internet when we are not at home.

It is great to go to on our iPhone when we are in Florida to make sure everything is secure, and to check on the comings and goings of our boys who check the house once a week. Being able to give each of our children their own pass code is pure genius. Not only do we know when someone has been at the house, but we know exactly who it was and we can call them for a report on the condition of the house.

When the power went off for several days last winter, Frontpoint showed it was on battery backup and we were able to alert our sons to keep an extra close eye on the thermostat so we wouldn’t be faced with the high cost of replacing pipes. We were able to see remotely when the power was restored and if the boys (men) had checked the house. What a relief when all ended well.

This system has given us confidence that our home is secure even when we are not at home. We set the alarm for windows and doors each night, and that is much better than being startled awake at every sound before we had Frontpoint.

We have not yet had an incident of intrusion, but we feel confident that we can trust Frontpoint to come through when and if that sad day arrives.

For a low monthly fee we know our home is well looked after, and hope that the employees of Frontpoint know how important they are to this retired couple and their family.”

-Dale L.

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