Customer Spotlight: Michael & Susan M.

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“We have been Frontpoint customers for more than four months now and simply want to express our sincere appreciation for the top-notch quality of the Customer Service department personnel.

The ‘LL Bean-like’ Customer Service throughout our experience was beyond excellent! At first, we only used the home security products and then after the system proved to our satisfaction, we added some home automation devices. Due to the age of our home and some quirky electrical wiring problems, Frontpoint helped us identify some third-party home automation devices that would work in our home. Once we obtained them, Steve (and later Joshua) in Customer Service helped us get the devices up and running in a very short time.

We did have a technical glitch with a geo-fence feature. Upon bringing the issue to the attention of Steve in Customer Service, his unqualified response was: ‘We will make this work for you.’ During the next three months Steve doggedly worked with to resolve the issue and today we have it functioning as advertised.

I recommend the Frontpoint system to anyone, particularly because of the customer-focused Customer Service personnel I have had the pleasure to work with. They were all courteous, respectful, knowledgeable and lived up to the commitments they made to us, whether it was something as small as calling back when they said they would, or researching the answer to a question and getting back to us in a timely manner.

To date, the Frontpoint security and home Automation system we have installed has provided us with the peace of mind and remote access to our home that we have always dreamed about.”

-Michael and Susan M.

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  1. mario gil

    Wish they had better equipment like ADT ot vivent and better cameras.
    Overall its just ok.

  2. Gilbert Casey

    We were told the first month would be free and 2 weeks later they charged our account?

    • Gilbert Cho

      Sorry about that Gilbert,

      I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, I’m going to look into this for you. I’ll have a Support Specialist reach out to you to get things sorted out.

  3. Russ Cohen

    I would like to extend a personal THANK YOU to James Casebere. I had a serious problem with the Frontpoint website where it would not allow me to see all of my cameras on one page. While this took a while to fix, I was not forgotten and James had a lot to do with that. Everyone must remember that the Frontpoint technicians must deal with a 3rd party company called ALARM.COM. It is ALARM.COM who decides what gets fixes and what doesn’t. Thank you James for making sure my problem got fixed!!!

    • Gilbert Cho

      Glad to hear it Russ, I’ll make sure your kind words make it to James!

  4. Debbie Fawkes

    I really love my new system; especially, the fact that I am not attached to a phone line for my system. I only wish that Frontpoint would try to come up with a better car remote to activate & disarm the system. The little keychain remote doesn’t have a a green light to indicate the the system is disarmed & a red light to indicate the the alarm is armed. I wouldn’t think that it would take much to come up with a better one; this one seems so cheap. My last system had a really nice one and I miss it. This would really increase the quality of my Front Point system.

  5. Peter Breu

    I am so glad we have our house and garage monitored with front point sec. We were gone on vacation and got a call sat morning 10:30 am from front point and it was a alarm on my garage they ask me if everything was okay. I said were not home and they dispatched law enforcement and apprehended the thief in my garage, as he was taking my items .. Thanks front point sec. and the Local police .

    • Gilbert Cho

      Glad to hear the thief got what he deserved!

  6. steve

    Same as above. I have two cameras and one of the major reasons I went with the upgraded package. Cameras wirk intermittently and the second one just stopped. It was right next to camera one so really no reason why it should not function or lose signal. Disappointed with the cameras.

    • Gilbert Cho

      Sorry to hear that Steve. I’m letting our Support Team know about your issues and they should be reaching out to you soon.

  7. Mary smith

    We’ve been with Frontpoint for over a year. Customer service is the best. As seniors we feel very safe and secure. Thank you, Frontpoint.

  8. Edward A Marshall

    About 9 months ago I changed from Fios with a wireless router to Verizon portable jetpack 5510. Ever since, my (3) security cameras stopped working. I’ve contacted your customer service department on (3) separate occasions. each time your people were extremely polite and tried their best to help get the cameras paired back up with the jetpack but without success. I was even sent a newer version of security camera with a wps reset but still couldn’t get them to connect.

    Again, your customer service people were very polite and tried everything that they could think of.

    I’ve been paying the video charges every month without the ability to use the equipment.

    Could you please help. Is there another piece of interface equipment that I need. I really enjoy the portability of the jetpack but am without security camera coverage.

    Thank you.