Customer Spotlight: Reza M.

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“On Wednesday, December 10, we got an alert from our security system and immediately received a call from the monitoring center regarding a burglary in our house.

Someone had entered through the kitchen window. Immediately after entering, the burglar triggered the Motion Sensor in the kitchen, sounding the alarm on the Control Panel. Panicked, the burglar had no choice but to flee through the back door before he could take anything.

The police arrived shortly after and everything was peaceful and calm. The responding officer even remarked that during his 17 years of service in the area, this was the first time that he had seen an alarm system work so seamlessly to disrupt a burglary in progress.

Frontpoint helped save the belongings that we had collected over a period of 18 years of hard work. I’m so happy that I chose Frontpoint. Now, I feel safe any time. Thank you so very much.”


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  1. Patricia Marcott

    Is there any way that you could add a bracelet or necklace that could feed a signal for help if we get hurt and can’t get up? It’s important to us who are elderly

    • Gilbert Cho

      Hi Patricia, we actually offer a Panic Pendant that you can wear as a necklace:

      Should the need ever arise, just press the panic button and we’ll be alerted. You can also program the Panic Pendant to immediately call for the police, fire station or ambulance – Frontpoint will still be notified, but instead of waiting for verification, an emergency responder will be dispatched to come to your aid immediately.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Susan Walker

    This past Thanksgiving, I made a pie and forgot to put a cookie sheet under it to catch the drip. Then I put something in to cook which took a very high temperature. Pie fire in the oven!! Alarms went off and Front Point called to see if we needed the fire department within about a minute. We didn’t, but it was very comforting to know how quickly they were on to it if we had needed help. Kudos to Frontpoint!!