Customer Spotlight – Stan and Theresa P.

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Every home security system owner has a unique reason for purchasing a home alarm. It’s an answer for a break-in for one person, while for another it’s a tool for monitoring activity at home. For someone else, a home security system is simply a way to make sure their kids stay out of the liquor cabinet.

The end goal for everyone, however, is the same: to have a protected home and to have peace of mind. And owning a home security system helps to achieve that goal and more.

For Stan and Theresa P. – the very first customers to be featured in our public customer spotlight – that was exactly the case.

Why did you purchase a home security system?

We purchased our [FrontPoint system] to replace an outdated, yet pretty good, Amway Amgard® Perimeter Alarm which is no longer available. I had wanted to add modules and couldn’t get parts. We wanted to better protect our home and especially a newly created on-site studio.

Why FrontPoint Security?

As with most of our purchases, I really did my homework and product/service comparisons! FrontPoint simply ‘came out on top’ by a long shot. The 30-day trial period also sealed the deal… like ‘test driving’ a car that I was pretty sure I wanted.

It can be hard to tell the difference between alarm companies, especially with over 11,000 companies to choose from! A little bit of research goes a long way in separating the good from bad, and helping you choose the right home security service for your needs.

We make a concerted effort to give customers the best experience possible, before and long-after the purchase. That includes a 30-day trial period, as well as a number of spectacular features.

What feature(s) of the FrontPoint system do you like the most?

Hmmm… that’s a good question with so many features. Probably the ability to add modules as our needs may grow. The ‘tied-in’ smoke detection, video monitoring from a smartphone, the ability to activate and deactivate remotely – I could easily go on!

And these features give you great flexibility in how a customer can use their system. It’s very unlikely to see two FrontPoint users using their systems in the exact same way.

How do you use your FrontPoint system?

We use our FrontPoint Security system to monitor and protect both our home and small on-site studio. We monitor all door and window activity, potential smoke and fire instances (in fact MY cooking once initiated a call from FrontPoint within a minute!). We especially like the ability to visually monitor our property from as far away as central Texas. We travel there often. Oh, and I have ‘a special way’ that we can enjoy partially open windows when the weather permits and still have complete protection and monitoring!

It doesn’t matter how you use your home security system, as long as you make sure to use it. There is simply no better way to protect your home and to have peace of mind.

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