Customer Spotlight – Terry N.

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3-31-2014 1-27-17 PM

Why did you purchase a home security system?
I purchased a home security system because even though we live in a quite secure neighborhood (all town homes with friendly neighbors) and there’s only one private road that connects to the city we reside within, the ability to monitor the status of our exterior doors and windows via my cell phone from almost anywhere really appeals to me. In addition, knowing that a break-in or fire in our home would be reported and attended to very quickly brings peace of mind.

Why FrontPoint Security?
I chose FrontPoint because I was treated like someone special during my initial contact with FrontPoint and secondary contacts with FrontPoint have been professional, friendly and sincere.

What feature(s) of the FrontPoint system do you like the most?
See answer # 1.

How do you use your FrontPoint system?
To secure my home when I go to bed each night and when my home is unoccupied for any extended period.

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