FBI States July and August Worst Burglary Months

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Burglars are most active in the summer. Why? People are traveling moredoor and windows are more likely to be left open or unlocked, and we’re generally a bit more off our guard. Not surprisingly, one group in particular is concerned about this seasonal crime spike: the insurance industry.  In fact, a recent press release by the statewide insurance organization makes the point about property crime, along with providing some great advice for homeowners. I completely agree – and have added some summer home security tips of my own. And yes, insurance companies do provide additional discounts for monitored alarm systems!

The FBI’s 2010 Uniform Crime Report shows that July and August are the worst months for home break-ins. To help protect your home, the Insurance Information Network of California recommends the following:

  • “Case” your home the way a burglar might and look for easy entrance points.
  • Protect your doors with solid locks — 80 percent of break-ins are through a door.
  • Consider a home security system that will sound an alarm if triggered. Leave blinds and curtains in their normal position.
  • Don’t allow trees and shrubs to conceal doors and never hide your keys outside.
  • Use automatic timers for lights, radios and televisions to make the home appear “lived in.” Lower the sound on your telephone ringer and answering machine.
  • Never announce your vacation plans via social networks.

Here’s the link to FrontPoint’s “Top 10 Tips for Summer Home Security” – you’ll see the two sets of recommendations have a lot in common.

Insurance Discounts are Real

Many insurance companies in California offer a discount for devices like dead-bolt locks, smoke/fire alarms and burglar alarms that make a home safer. Another way to protect your belongings is to create a complete home inventory – it can help you file a claim faster and more efficiently should you sustain a loss.

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