FrontPoint Advantage: Interactive Features

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Today, home security needs to be accessible on the go. FrontPoint has addressed these needs, offering numerous interactive features that allow control of one’s home security system from anywhere, any time. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Remote access and control – Home alarm systems can be controlled and customized from just about anywhere with remote access capabilities. Security logs can be monitored, live camera feeds can be viewed, sensors can be armed, and more, all from a computer or a phone. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on homes, even when separated by thousands of miles. 
  • Instant security alerts – When an alarm goes off, it needs to be responded to immediately, and it’s possible with instant security alerts. When a sensor is triggered, customers are notified instantly via phone, email and/or text. They can then determine whether if it’s a real or false emergency and act accordingly. 
  • Geo-Services – A unique feature of the FrontPoint system, ADC Geo-Services allows users who have opted in to combine security and convenience to create the ultimate package. ADC Geo-Services tracks the location of a user (using the GPS in their phone) to automate certain functions. Users can receive automatic reminders when leaving their homes without disarming their systems. They can also have the lights and temperature adjust when they leave or arrive at home.

When combined with cellular technology, wireless sensors, and 24/7 monitoring, FrontPoint’s interactive features give customers an unprecedented level of security and control for complete peace of mind.

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