FrontPoint Picks: Happy Father’s Day!

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“Why is Burger King called Burger King, and not McDonald’s? Because people would get confused.”

Ba-dum-tss. Meet my dad, everyone. I know most dad’s jokes are bad, but they’re even worse when you’ve heard the same joke repeatedly – over the course of your entire life. Ugh, I can picture his grin right now.

But despite the endless onslaught of terrible jokes, along with his best efforts to ruin Memorial Day or strand our entire family in a boat, I love my dad.

So naturally, that means I’m doing last-minute preparations for Father’s Day. I’m the worst. If you’re panicking like I am and preparing to make a mad dash to the mall, this edition of FrontPoint Picks is for you!

Father’s Day Gift Options for All Kinds of Dads

Source: Mission Enduracool

Let’s face it, getting a gift for dad is a tough thing to do. Instead of sitting there contemplating what you should get before ultimately deciding on a gift card, take a look at this list for some ideas that just might fit your father’s personality.

Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide

Source: Sarah Tew/CNET

As we get older our toys get more expensive, and you probably know this all too well if your dad is a gadget aficionado. If you have no idea what to get him, this gadget guide provides suggestions for every type of gizmo imaginable.

15 Father’s Day Gifts Under $50

Source: Money US News

Who needs all that techy stuff anyways? They’re unreasonably pricey and gosh darn it, they get outdated within a year’s time! Opt for these 15 gifts under $50 instead and smile as your wallet thanks you.

10 Heartfelt Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

Source: The Good Life Blog

You could also skip out on buying a gift entirely, choosing the homemade route instead. Handcrafted gifts often speak volumes, and you can show your father how much he means to you with one of these heartfelt projects.

Five Things I Can’t Do with My Dad on Father’s Day, But Wish I Could

Source: Lunchbox Dad

It’s not always about the gifts, sometimes the best gift you give your dad for Father’s Day is your time – hang out, talk, anything! Read why Father’s Day is a little bittersweet for the Lunchbox Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

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