FrontPoint Picks: Olympic Security in Sochi

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Last night, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games officially started, with a spectacular Opening Ceremony Leading up to the event, however, there was a lot of noise about the security during the event and it’s easy to see why. Rumblings of discontent from neighboring regions, the Volgograd bombings in December, and numerous terrorist threats have been the main points of discussion and concern.

The mere mention of ‘security’ always piques our interest, so you can see how the activity surrounding the Winter Olympics has captured our attention.

And even though the games are underway, it doesn’t mean the security concerns have disappeared. In this week’s edition of FrontPoint Picks, we’re sharing noteworthy Olympic security news.

  1. Putin’s Ring of Steel

    As concerns about security poured in, Vladimir Putin responded by promising a ‘ring of steel’ to secure the Winter Olympics, meant to discourage or thwart any terrorist activity. So far, it’s working.
  2. Who are the Cossacks?

    Once Russia’s henchmen, Cossacks are now helping with Olympic security. These Russian soldiers have a long and distinguished history, but were relatively dormant for years. However, there’s been a recent revival of Cossack culture, met with a mix of support and conflict.
  3. Five Facts about Sochi Olympics Security Tech

    It’s not just armed guards and security officers that are keeping competitors and spectators safe – a variety of high-tech security tools are being used as well. Learn more about the security technology being used in Sochi.

BONUS! Are Security Enforcing Robots Coming?

All this news about security also got us thinking: what will security for large events like the Olympics look like in the future? Movies featuring robots, like Robocop and Star Wars, might have the answer. While it’s not the ED-209 from the Robocop reboot, the K5 Autonomous Data Machine might be the security force of the future.

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