FrontPoint Picks: The Best Apps for Outdoor Activities

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My favorite Memorial Day memory is when my dad tried to barbecue for the very first time. ‘Tried’ is the key word and despite his valiant effort, the burnt lumps of meat were simply not appetizing. Our family was forced to pick up McDonald’s for dinner.

Don’t let this happen to you this Memorial Day.

Thankfully, messing up a barbecue is much less of a concern nowadays thanks to the power of technology. There are plethora of smartphone apps available that can turn you into a master of the grill. If only these were around 20 years earlier.

The Seven Best BBQ Apps for iPhone and Android

Source: Pit Boss Belt

Avoid the painful experience of watching a beautiful rib-eye steak burn by using these great barbecue apps. Get delicious recipes, a timer to help you cook the meat to perfection, and even sync your phone to your propane tank with acoustics! Seriously.

Nine Apps You Need for Summer Travel Plans

Source: 148 Apps

For all of its gratification and enjoyment, traveling can sure be stressful – but it doesn’t have to be. These nine apps make traveling easy by covering all your bases: packing, tracking flights, navigating the airport, and helping you find the hot spots in your destination.

10 Free Road Trip Apps for a Smooth Vacation


Rather stick to the roads during your travels? I don’t blame you; the memories that come from a road trip are unforgettable. These 10 free apps will help ensure that your trip keeps running smoothly. Also, don’t forget to make sure your car is road trip-ready!

The 10 Best Hiking Apps to Help You Get Out of Here

Source: Digital Trends

There might not be a better way to escape from it all than hiking. One could argue that you’re not really escaping if you use these hiking apps, but hey, it beats carrying around a bunch of maps and guidebooks.

15 Best Music Apps

Source: LAPTOP Mag

Sometimes, all you need is music. There is no shortage of music apps to choose from, so glance through this list and choose your preferred one. Listen to your favorite tunes while you’re trekking up a mountainside, sleeping under the stars or lounging on a beach.

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