FrontPoint’s Birthday and Core Values

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FrontPoint Security launched in early 2007 as three guys in a basement in Washington, DC, and a big dream: we wanted to build one of the nation’s great alarm companies. As we approach our seventh birthday, it’s fun (and quite rewarding!) to look back over seven years, and the process of creating what we believe is the World’s Most Trusted Alarm Company.

Yup, that is FrontPoint’s goal, and achieving it has been a remarkable journey that is far from over. We’ve already led the industry in a number of important areas – and here are a few of them:

  • FrontPoint is the first nationwide alarm company to use 100 percent safer cellular monitoring in every system we have ever sold. That means there is no vulnerable phone line (or equally vulnerable internet connection) that a burglar can cut to take out your alarm system – or your interactive features.
  • Speaking of interactive monitoring, FrontPoint paved the way seven years ago with 90 percent of our customers opting for our advanced interactive services, at a time when few companies even understood or offered these features. I’m talking about remote arm/disarm, mobile apps, text and email notifications, video services, and even home automation. We were years ahead of our competitors with these offerings.
  • Because of our exceptionally high level of customer service and satisfaction, FrontPoint has the highest customer loyalty (and lowest customer cancellation rate) of any nationwide alarm company. There is ample evidence of this remarkable loyalty in FrontPoint’s online reviews — on sites like Yelp, Consumer Affairs, and Angie’s List — where we are the most highly reviewed alarm company you can find.

Fundamental to our success is the role played by our Core Values, a set of formal behavioral guidelines that steer all of our actions and thought processes. These values are essential building blocks in how we treat our customers and how we treat each other– and they help determine how the company is run, both strategically and on a day-to-day basis. Our Core Values are:

  • Build Trust. We have demonstrated transparency, integrity, and accountability to build trust with our customers, and we continue to do so: there’s just no other way to explain the loyalty and great reviews that keep coming in.
  • Dream Big. We had to dream big to launch this enterprise in the first place, and to continue the company’s amazing growth in a crowded and highly competitive industry. We set out to embrace innovation, and to change our industry – and it’s working.
  • Be Awesome. When it comes to being awesome – well, that’s about every person here at FrontPoint just being the best co-workers and service providers that they can be, in every way imaginable.

As we approach our seventh birthday, we are also affirming FrontPoint’s culture with Core Values Week, a celebration of what sets us apart not only from other alarm companies, but from many other service providers as well. A good company culture is more than framed aphorisms on the wall (we’ve all seen them!): you have to “walk the talk,” modeling the right behavior, from the top down.

Our promise to you is that we’ll keep living our Core Values every day, as FrontPoint continues to grow and prosper. We have the best customers in the world, and we want to keep earning their loyalty and those great reviews through every interaction we have.  If you’re not already a customer, check us out!

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  1. Alan

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the nice reply-reply.

    I think you meant to recommend the May 14th blog, which I did see yesterday, and it was great! Thanks.

    p.s. I don’t always come back to see replies as I get busy with life and forget sometimes, but I try. No worries if the reverse happens from your end also.

  2. Alan

    Congratulatins guys! It has been fun to come along for the ride from nearly the start, if only as a customer.

    Your core values (and the fact they have weight… And that they have been consistent from the start) is impressive and what you have been able to accomplish in only 7 years is amazing as well!

    Continue to take pride in what you have all built (and continue to build), you deserve it!

    • Peter M. Rogers

      Thanks, Alan. There is more on the Core Values story in the May 1th blog – you may have fun reading that one, as well. It’s been our pleasure to have you as a customer all these years – you are the best.