Grieving Families the Newest Target for Opportunist Burglars

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The lowest low a person may experience is losing a loved one. Unfortunately, opportunistic thieves have been targeting the families with members who have recently passed and robbing their homes during funeral ceremonies.  It may seem shocking, but this has been happening for quite some time. In fact, I posted about this topic almost two years ago:

“Obituaries should fall into another category, in my opinion. While burglary is always a crime of violation, victimizing people who are grieving seems to set a new standard for moral bankruptcy. The good news is that police are smarter about finding patterns in these crimes, and tracking down the perps.”

Looking for patterns in a quickly emerging trend, however, can have difficulties of its own.  Foreseeing where burglars may strike next has a lot to do with the information that is released in Obituaries.

Where Is The Line?

Is there a line that burglars will not cross in order to get what they’re after? Or maybe there is not one anymore.  As I previously said, these types of crimes show major flaws in character with very little remorse. What’s worse is that the thieves put a great deal of time in effort into pulling off their heist while families are at rock bottom, like the Higdon family, as reported by,

Their son Christian was tragically killed. But while they were at his funeral laying him to rest, thieves were ransacking their Kentucky home.

“It’s like, you already felt like you’re at the lowest point you could be and … it’s like I just fell to the ground,” Cindy Higdon said.

Police say the thieves found the family through an obituary in the local newspaper listing their full names, their hometown, and the date and time of the funeral. Investigators say two men, now charged, hit the house during the service, giving them hours to steal everything from expensive jewelry to computers to sentimental items from Christian’s own room.

They were shocked to learn that they had been robbed during their son’s funeral. Moreover, that this robbery was premeditated. It was just one in a string of heavily researched, very calculated thefts – a trend which is sweeping the nation.

How Do They Do It?

When a loved one has passed away, families often post their obituary in local newspapers.  They also often include the time, date and location of the funeral procession – which provides thieves with exactly what they need – the exact time that you’ll be away from your house for them to break in.

In this case, the crime ring centered around these burglaries was so complex, even seasoned investigators were shocked,

“They had their computers set up to where they would receive email notifications of the new obituaries that were coming into the local paper,” Ludwig told us. “Lots of planning, lots of preparation, a lot of thinking went into how they were going to pull this off.”

The thieves worked out every last detail, knowing when to strike and have ample time to rob homeowners of their belongings and their peace of mind, which is not easily replaced.

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