Meet Frontpoint: Here When You Need Us

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Delivering truly exceptional service means always being there for our customers, even when everyone else is at home enjoying time with friends and family. This Thanksgiving was no exception.

While many of us were gathered around the table enjoying turkey with all the trimmings, a dedicated crew of Frontpoint Customer Support Specialists was standing by the phones.

“I offered to work on Thanksgiving, and wanted to be able to help our customers on a day which is mainly based on families,” said Donovan Badamirza, a Customer Support Specialist. “It’s all part of going that extra step and providing our customers complete peace of mind.”

And its not just holidays – like the postal service, customers can count on Frontpoint regardless of the weather.

That means no matter if there’s rain, sleet or snow around Frontpoint HQ, we do what it takes to make sure we’re staffed and prepared to the deliver the type of service for which we’re known. Despite dealing with our fair share of wintery weather since Frontpoint was founded in 2007, we’ve always managed to man the phones.

“Knowing that we’re here when you need us builds an elevated level of trust,” added Spencer McDonald, a Customer Support Specialist.

So, whether it’s a holiday or a blizzard, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone should you need us. You’ll be greeted by a friendly voice on the other end, ready to help.

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