Home Alarm Systems for Military Families

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If you’re in the military, you know that serving our country could mean separation from your family for 6 months, or even longer. These separations are difficult enough without having to worry about your family’s safety. A monitored home alarm system will go a long way to providing the peace of mind you’ll need while you’re gone.

Home Alarms – Protecting the Home Front

Home alarms have come a long way in the last decade. New wireless technology makes them simpler than ever to set up and use, while giving you more flexibility to move or add equipment anytime. Interactive monitoring keeps you in touch with everything that’s going on. And a comprehensive set of security sensors can detect many problems besides just intrusion – such as fire, water leaks, freezing pipes and carbon monoxide. With advanced features like home automation, you can control lights or thermostats remotely. Your family members will never have to come home to a dark house again!

24/7 monitoring is a hugely important part of the puzzle, too, especially for military families. With a monitored home alarm, your family won’t be on their own. They’ll have a team of professionals watching over them, ready to take action in any emergency.

Interactive Security and Mobile Apps

Today’s interactive alarm systems let you access and control your home security from anywhere, keeping you connected at all times. The system will also feed you the information you need, when you need it. For example, you can program it to send you and your spouse an email or text alert anytime a security sensor triggers at your house. The alarm control system is sophisticated, so it can tell you which sensor triggered and what the issue is. Then you and/or your spouse can take appropriate action, no matter where you are.

All you need to use an interactive wireless security system is Internet access. You can use your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop as the alarm system controls. You can check to make sure the system is armed, or you can disarm it remotely. If you assign a unique access code to every person who’s authorized to enter the house, you’ll be able to track family members, babysitters or contractors as they come and go.

It’s no fun to guess what might be happening at home, especially when you’re far away. The advantage of home alarm interactivity is knowing what’s going on. When you know everyone’s home, safe and sound, your mind will be free to concentrate on the task at hand.

Video Monitoring – Almost Like Being in the Room

Live streaming video is another home alarm system feature that will make you feel closer to home while you’re deployed. With video security, you’ll be able to monitor your property with your own eyes, anytime, from anywhere. Security cameras use the broadband connection in your home to stream footage out over the Internet. You can access it with any internet-connected device, including a smartphone. If you have a “pan and tilt” security camera, you can control the view and angle remotely, to pan the entire room. All footage is available only to you and your family, so privacy is not an issue.

Look for a video security system that produces both live and recorded video. Recorded video clips are very useful in times when you can’t monitor the video feed live. Clips also aid the police in apprehending burglars. If your home alarm is equipped with the video recording feature, it can automatically trigger a short clip whenever a security sensor detects a problem sign.

If your unit has the facility to set up video conference calls back home, you know how precious those moments are, when you can both see and talk to your family. Video security monitoring isn’t a two-way conversation, but it will let you see your child’s face on the video screen, or your spouse or even your dog. You’ll be surprised how comforting that can be.

Transferring Again?

Overseas deployment isn’t the only travel you’re likely to undertake in the military. The armed services are notorious for transferring families frequently, to bases all over the U.S. If you invest in a home alarm system now, what happens when you get transferred?

That question brings us back to the topic of wireless security systems. Until recently, alarm systems were permanently installed in homes, anchored in the walls, with the components hard-wired together. Now, with the introduction of wireless home alarms, you have the flexibility to move the equipment – or the entire system – anytime you want. The sensors communicate wirelessly with the control panel, and attach to the wall, shelf or ceiling with simple adhesive. You can redecorate, add new sensors, or pick up and move to a new home, taking your alarm system with you. The simple DIY setup makes transferring a system quick, easy, painless – and free!

Your Own Personal Homeland Security

At FrontPoint Security we are truly indebted to the men and women that serve overseas, defending our freedom. We hope our 100% wireless home alarm system can provide some comfort to both you and your family members while you’re away.  With FrontPoint, you can rest assured that your home is armed with all the best tools to keep the family safe and secure.

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