Home Automation 101: Integrating Home Security

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Last week we looked at how the wireless light control, automated lock and thermostat work. This week, we’ll focus on integrating home automation with a home security system. Used together, these devices can help you increase the security of your home.

Lighting Control: The Burglar Deterrent  

The wireless light control is a great tool for deterring burglars. Remember, burglars do not want to be seen under any circumstance, which is why many of them rely on the cover of darkness.

A wireless light control gives users the ability to light up their house at any time, even when they’re not home. Lights that are turned on imply that someone is home, making it a less attractive target for burglars.

You can also use light control to turn on lights at set times or when certain events occur. For example, your lights turn on every night at dusk or before the kids get home from school. Another viable option is to automate the lights so they turn on if the alarm sounds. Should a burglar ever make it inside your home and trip an alarm, the lights turning on could be all you need to send them scurrying away.

Locks: Simple Safety

An automated lock provides significantly more security compared to a traditional lock and key. It protects against lock bumping, a lock picking trick used by burglars.

An advantage of paring an automated lock with a home security system is notifications. For instance, you can set preferences that send you an email or text any time the door is opened. Since only authorized users with unique codes can use the lock, it’s a great way to make sure the cleaning service or cable guy are not overstaying their welcome.

Your kids (if you have any) benefit greatly from the automated lock as well. They don’t have to worry about carrying a key around, and you don’t have to worry about leaving a “hidden” key that burglars could potentially find. Instead, your kids can just enter their code. If they forget it, you can remotely open the door for them. No more concerns about a key falling into the wrong hands!

Best of all, you’ll never get that sinking feeling that you forgot to lock the door on your way out ever again. Rushed because you were late? Lock your door remotely; it’s that simple.

Thermostats: Smart Home Control and Safety

Thermostats in general are not thought of as a means of security. However, an automated thermostat paired with a home security system equipped with a smoke and heat sensor and a carbon monoxide sensor can potentially save your home — and life — from disaster.

Imagine the smoke and heat sensor detects a rapid increase in heat, or the carbon monoxide detects a leak, what do you do next? Immediately, you can remotely turn off the heating through your thermostat and then contact the proper authorities. It may turn out that the heater was malfunctioning, but you managed to shut it down before it did any damage.  Some automated thermostats even have the technology to turn off by themselves when sensing this kind of danger.

Easy Living with a Smart Home Security System

Home automation isn’t just about making your life easier; many aspects of it can be used to keep you safer. Some of the equipment — like the automated locks — has obvious security uses, but others — like wireless light control and the automated thermostat — can be overlooked. When working together, home security and automation are a perfect match.

What other ways can home security and home automation work together? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Chris


  2. Kristin

    I just found this blog post when searching to see if Frontpoint and IFTTT were connected, so I’m pretty sad to see that there are 27 comments from the past 3 years and there’s still no connection. Can you post a timeline? Are you actually working on this? What are the priorities over this, if it’s not the top item? Can we get any sort of concrete response at all?

    • Katie Rynex

      Thank you for reaching out Kristin. At this time we do not have a timeline but in an effort to make the experience seamless, they are testing this, and other similar add-ons and more information will be released as it is available. We hope this was helpful!

  3. Kelly

    IFTTT please. I’ll be switching to an off-the-shelf but not monitored solution that integrates with IFTTT if FrontPoint doesn’t get with the program. Not ideal but I personally find IFTTT integration to be more valuable than the monitoring I’m paying FrontPoint for. Would love to have both but if I’m forced to chose I will not be choosing FrontPoint.

  4. JAG

    +1 for IFTTT. Many other companies have it and it might be a good reason to switch.

  5. Ed

    Frontpoint, please listen to your customers – IFTTT is the future, do you want to be a market leader or a laggard?

  6. Jason Killgo

    I am looking for a security system that will integrate with ifttt and more specifically will share what sensor is set off to control lights in the rooms. z wave sensors or whatever tech you use would be awesome to integrate.

    Motion censored outside from door -> exterior lights come on and one interior light comes on.
    Front door opens -> foyer lights come on for x amount of time.

  7. Shen

    IFTT integration please. I know you said that you aren’t looking into it but it should definitely be a higher priority, especially after looking at this thread and if you really want to be a serious about home automation – at the moment my alarm system is all lonely in my house while its other friends like nest, smart things and hue play nicely together

  8. Tim

    Looks like this is where we put our votes for IFTTT integration. Adding mine, thanks!

  9. Ken Sheppard

    would love IFTTT, still in my 60 day windows.

  10. Dan

    I highly suggest frontpoint puts priority to the home automation platforms, Works with Nest, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomeKit. As a short term solution something like IFTTT would be an acceptable bridge until proper integration is added.

    I should be able to tell Alexa to enable my alarm before going to bed and alternatively also turning it off when I wake up.

  11. Ken

    Another vote for Frontpoint integration with IFTTT.

  12. Doug Dalrymple

    I would also like to cast my vote to have IFTTT integration made a priority! I’ll have to agree with other customers here… Lack of IFTTT does introduce a bit of regret in selecting Frontpoint.

  13. Jonathan

    Another IFTTT request. This would be a wonderful feature and makes me somewhat regret getting Frontpoint when other security systems have this feature. Please make this a priority.

    • Katie Rynex

      Thank you for this feedback. We will definitely pass it along to the right people!

  14. Jeff

    Another request for IFTT channel. Using the email notification is a nice workaround but it only works one way. Alarm -> IFTT connected device.

  15. John

    Please make an IFTTT channel for FrontPoint or Alarm.Com a priority.

  16. Andy Goodson

    Without IFTTT integration I will unfortunately need to make a change.

  17. Mike Davis

    For those who want to use IFTTT: If you search for alarm.com there are already some recipes. For example, I set the alarm.com app to notify me via a throwaway email address every time I arm or disarm the system. Then my IFTTT recipe detects “Arm Away” or “Disarm” in received emails from donotreply@frontpoint.com and sets my EcoBee thermostat to Away or Home accordingly.

  18. JMayhew

    ADT just announced Nest integration nationwide and an upcoming IFTTT channel. Don’t get left behind in the race to the Internet of Things FrontPoint!

  19. adam

    Would also love IFTTT integration!

  20. Dustin

    Please consider adding IFTTT integration. I’m using SmartThings at home, which lets me integrate with almost anything (including my Nest thermostat) but alas, my Frontpoint system is a system all on its own. It seems like it doesn’t integrate with anything else.

  21. Adam W.

    Add me to the list of Frontpoint customers wanting IFTTT integration!

  22. Tristan

    Definitely interested in an IFTTT channel for Frontpoint! I have an August lock and a Nest thermostat and smoke detector and IFTTT would be an exceptional way to make these all work together. I can even imagine coming up with a recipe that uses my Fitbit (which already has an IFTTT channel) to detect when I’m asleep and turns on our Frontpoint alarm… then deactivates it when I wake up.

  23. Bob

    The only disappointment I have with my system is that it does not interface with IFTTT. I would strongly support an effort to make this happen. Other than that I love my Frontpoint system.

  24. Ahmed Riaz

    I would like to second that. Is there a way to have a frontpoint channel on ifttt?

    • Valerie Saponara

      Ahmed, at this moment this is not something we are looking into, however I’ll pass your suggestion along to the right teams on our end!

      • Sean Houghton

        I’ll second the request for ifttt integration.

      • Greg Guthrie

        I would also like to add to this request.

  25. Brice

    I’d love to see my Frontpoint Security system integrate with IFTTT so I could set up some really handy recipes. Any thoughts/plans about doing this?