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Last month I posted about a story from Connecticut, involving burglaries happening when you least expect them – specifically, during a funeral, and at the home of the deceased. Burglary is always a crime of violation, but victimizing people who are grieving seems to set a new standard for low behavior. The good news is that the Branford, CT police were on the case, and caught their man in the act.

Police say they are getting a better idea of just how big a spree a suspected Branford burglar went on before he got caught. Police have linked him to several other crimes including ripping off the widow of a firefighter while she was attending his funeral. Police issued a warrant for the Christopher Teneyck’s house and car, and what they found caused him to be arrested once again.

Where Police Caught Him

It was Wednesday when the car of 40-year-old Teneyck was being towed away in front of a house on Pleasant Point Road. Police say he was caught red-handed walking out of the house wearing black gloves and carrying stolen items. He posted bond only to be arrested again. “They were able to recover a number of personal effects from the burglaries we’ve had in our community,” says Geoffrey Morgan, Captain of the Branford Police Department.

Clearly this person thought he was smarter than the police. He posted bond, but only to be arrested again? Think again!

Recovered Items

Police found jewelry, cash, watches and enough televisions to open a small pawn shop. “It’s very rewarding I know for the officers and the detectives to give these items back to the families,” says Morgan. In an earlier incident, Branford firefighter Anthony Witkowski passed away from a stroke last month. While his wife was attending her husband’s funeral, police say Teneyck broke into their house, stealing a variety of things, even a set of diamond earrings the fire captain had given his wife right before he died. Her items were returned.

What You Can Do

Scheduling a housesitter during a funeral makes sense – as does asking neighbors to keep an eye on the house. You would think that if any time would be safe to leave a home unoccupied, it would be during a funeral – but clearly someone who is committed to separating you from your belongings really does not care about why the house is empty. The best protection, as we know, is a monitored alarm system, and statistics show that with that system you are three times less likely to be burglarized than your unprotected neighbor. FrontPoint is on the case with systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable. As the #1 rated alarm company in the US, FrontPoint takes residential intrusion very seriously, no matter when it happens. And so should you.


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