Home Security System Reviews – Your Guide To the Best Alarm Companies

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You look at the ads for home security systems and they start to sound alike, don’t they? They all say they’ve got the best system and the best deal. Hopefully they also say they’ve got wireless equipment, cellular monitoring, and interactive mobile apps (if they don’t, move on). You don’t want to make this important buying decision based on marketing hype. You need unbiased, real-life feedback from experienced customers, and from reliable third-party reports.

Home Security Alarm System Review Sites

To find the best home security system, start with a little online research. You’ll find extensive, valuable information on consumer reviews sites – just as you would for a restaurant, hotel or movie. You’ll get detailed feedback from actual customers who have already purchased and used a variety of alarm systems.

Look for reviews from people who have the same priorities and preferences that you do. If you want an alarm system that includes video security cameras, look for people who are describe the cameras in their reviews. If you don’t have a landline and want a cellular-based system, you’ll find lots of tips on which companies provide the best cellular monitoring. As we mentioned above, cellular should probably be a priority for you, since the systems with cellular connections are widely considered to be safer than those that rely on your home phone or internet line.

If you’re just starting to look into home security systems and aren’t sure yet what features you’re looking for, the customer reviews will help with that, too. They’ll explain various security components, how wireless equipment works, ways to control your alarm system with your mobile phone, etc. They will also provide tips on whether or not you should consider a DIY setup, to save time and money.

Almost any review site will include consumer reports on home security systems. Start by checking the sites you already use for other buying decisions – like Yelp, CitySearch, Yahoo Local, etc. If you have Angie’s List, you know that’s an excellent source of information on almost any product or service. Facebook is increasingly used for sharing product reviews and recommendations as well.

Industry Websites and Ratings

Other excellent resources are the many third-party reviewers and industry websites. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is perhaps the most widely known of these reputable consumer advocates, with strict guidelines for integrity and performance. Look for a home security provider that has earned BBB accreditation, and also maintains a high BBB rating/grade. Many other consumer sites rank providers by industry, such as Top Ten Reviews or Consumer Reports. These sites often rank home security system providers, and provide information on why particular companies have earned their #1 ranking. You can also look for websites that focus specifically on the home security industry – just search under a keyword term like, “home security industry rankings.” Those sites will give you background information on home safety and alarm systems, in addition to service reviews.

In addition to researching the recommended providers, you might also want to check which companies have been cited for bad service, on websites such as Complaints.com or RipOffReport.com. If certain home security companies have several negative reviews or complaints filed against them, they are probably companies to stay away from.

Your Home Security Review Checklist

If you want to put structure to your search for the best home security system, consider creating a checklist, to make your own rankings for the companies you review. Your checklist can have components like this:

  • Monitoring:
    • Is it 24/7?
    • Cellular connection, or landline?
    • Does the price increase when you add safety features?
  • Equipment:
    • Wireless or hard-wired?
    • Types of sensors available?
    • Security cameras?
    • Options for protection from fire, water leaks, carbon monoxide, etc?.
  • Interactive services:
    • Free mobile apps?
    • Online access?
    • Customization?
  • Advanced features:
    • Video monitoring?
    • Home automation?
  • Installation:
    • DIY?
    • Installation or activation fees?
  • Customer Service:
    • Helpful? Informative? Responsive? Patient?

The information you need to find the best home security system is at your fingertips. Avoid making a decision until you’ve done some research. Home security is all about peace of mind, and you’ll sleep better knowing you made a sound, informed decision.

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