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Houston, TX, is one of the largest cities in the US – and is becoming one of the worst, in terms of burglaries. Sadly, there are plenty of news reports and crime maps that reinforce this fact, and the message is clear: residents need to step up their protection to regain their peace of mind. Here’s are two excerpts from a recent article on the increase in Houston break-ins:

On average, a burglar smashed through doors and windows to rip off valuables in Houston every 30 minutes last year, says the Houston Chronicle. Burglaries went up at least 22 percent over the last four years, producing nearly 22,000 victims. More than 500 houses were hit multiple times last year. “Burglary is not entirely a property crime because there’s the risk of violence and the invasion of privacy,” said Prof. Sandra Thompson of the University of Houston Law Center. “The victims always have the upsetting feeling and fear that ‘What if I had been at home?’

Dayton Spain has been burglarized four times – two from the front door and two through the back. Burglars haven’t given him a rest since May 2009.  Among homes that have been hit more than once, a Chronicle analysis showed, the culprits most often returned within three months, or even one. “That can be a problem,” said police Lt. Charles Dunn. He advised people to act quickly on safety measures once their home is exposed to crooks, so they don’t return again.

And here are two crime maps that you can use to check on the safety of your own Houston neighborhood:


As we have seen in other crime spikes, some burglars are more enterprising than others. This recent report describes the work of two perps who may have committed over 150 burglaries between them:

The Houston Police Department made separate arrests last week in the Montrose area of two suspects who may be responsible for at least 150 break-ins over the past year. If investigators’ suspicions are correct, that means the two men — working separately – could have committed more than half of the 263 burglaries reported in the Montrose area since September 2009. The method of operation in the 107 burglaries police believe Campbell committed involved prying open a rear window with a screwdriver to gain entry.

With only one in five homes protected by a monitored alarm system, it’s no wonder that these serial burglars find so many unprotected targets. Statistics show that a home without a monitored system is three times more likely to be hit by a burglar than the monitored home – and deterrence is the first line of defense. Even when the burglar targets a monitored home, odds are he’ll run away as soon as the siren sounds, indicating that police are on the way. Remember, a system with cellular monitoring and Crash & Smash protection is virtually undefeatable. That’s our specialty here at FrontPoint: wireless home security that is safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable. Today we have plenty of happy customers in Houston – but according to recent crime statistics, clearly there are more homes that would benefit from a FrontPoint system.

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