Home Video Cameras Work – Pet Cam Spots Burglar instead of Dog

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Home security video is one of the fastest growing segments of residential security. The recent explosion in camera features, suppliers, and general usage has been remarkable, and even the “big box” retailers have gotten into the game with basic, standalone systems. People want to watch their doors, their kids, their yards, their neighbors, and even their pets – and that’s what makes this story about a Denver “doggie cam” so intriguing.

On Dec. 28, Claire Blevins was in her office cubicle, scrolling through her iPhone to check on her pet — but instead of cuddly Callie, she was stunned to spot a male burglar rummaging through her bedroom. Blevins contacted NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver, which aired the brazen break-in shots, and after viewers recognized the man, police made an arrest.

The Background

Blevins moved to Denver last fall. She wanted to keep tabs on her terrier Callie while she was away at work, so she purchased a phone app that streams snapshots from her home computer camera into her phone. Blevins said the motion-activated photos had previously made pretty dull viewing: Callie sniffing around, Callie crawling under the bed, and occasionally, her roommate coming into her bedroom.

Motion-activated snapshots are good, but motion-activated video clips are even better – and the best systems today will send you these short clips, and even store them off-site where you can retrieve them, so you don’t need an expensive DVR (digital video recorder) at home. The best home video systems are also incorporated into an overall monitored home security solution, including intrusion, fire, and environmental conditions.

Then It Happened

But on Dec. 28, Blevins got a rude shock. She didn’t check on Callie until around 4 p.m. “My dog was just chilling, but I noticed a high photo count, and then I scrolled up to see that guy in my room. As soon as I saw his face, I thought, that’s not my roommate!” Instead, Blevins eyed images taken around 10 a.m. of a man rifling through her drawers, touching her bed, and even her pillows.

After the Fact

“I’m really thankful I had that app, but it’s still the creepiest thing that’s probably ever happened to me,” Blevins said. The intruder made off with about $500 worth of items, including an iPod and some chargers. But the most traumatic aspect of the burglary was the violation of her private space, Blevins told NBC News: “It’s just weird and gross and wrong.”

This is not the first time a pet cam has caught a burglar, though in reality most of these home cameras are used more for security than checking on your dog or cat. FrontPoint has been providing advanced wireless web cameras for years, with motion-activated clips sent directly to your smart phone, free apps, and the ability view live video from anywhere you can access the web. We believe in systems that are safer, smarter, simpler, and more affordable, and are committed to home security video as an important component of interactive, wireless home security. If a new technology offers more peace of mind and helps you protect your home and family, FrontPoint probably has it – and you can watch your pets, too!

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