Lubbock, TX Police Report Increased Crime, Identify Where Burglars are Active

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Burglary rates continue to rise in many jurisdictions around the US: it appears that the faltering economy, high unemployment, and other factors (such as drug use) all contribute to this disturbing trend. Some locations are worse than the average, of course, and some police departments are more forthcoming about what’s really happening than others. In this recent report from Lubbock, TX, local law enforcement has provided a model to other communities, by reporting on what burglars are stealing and where they are most active.

Police say gun theft during burglaries is a problem in Lubbock. Recently, thieves got away with six guns valued at about $1,000. Burglars took the guns, including three rifles, two shot guns and one semi-automatic handgun from a gun cabinet in the 2200 block of 39th Street on April 12, according to police reports. “A gun safe would definitely be a safer place to keep a weapon,” a police spokesperson said, noting it is more difficult to break into than a cabinet.

Guns are on the short list of items most often stolen during burglaries, along with cash, jewelry, electronics, and prescription drugs. And I echo the comment about the use of a gun safe. In fact, here’s alink to my post on burglars and guns.

Crime Trends – On the Rise

Burglaries rose in April, to 240. Central Lubbock homes remained a popular target for thieves, according to an analysis of police data. Residents reported 426 car and house burglaries in April, 50 more than in March. The Clapp Park area, between 34th and 50th streets and University Avenue and Avenue Q, was the hardest hit neighborhood. Residents there reported 21 car and house break-ins during April. The area’s total since Jan. 1 is 54, according to the recent analysis. The Overton area, just east of Texas Tech and home to many students, also has been a big target of thieves. Here’s a closer look at the top worst areas for burglaries last month:

Top five worst neighborhoods for house burglaries

  • Central: Clapp Park area, between 34th and 50th, University and Avenue Q: 14 house burglaries.
  • North: Arnett-Benson, between Erskine and Fourth, North Indiana and North University: Nine house burglaries.
  • East: Between 50th and Avenue A South Drive, I-27: Eight house burglaries.
  • Central: Overton area, between Fourth and 19th, University and Avenue Q: Eight house burglaries.
  • Central: Wham (Wheelock), between 34th and 50th, Indiana and University: Nine house burglaries.

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