Meet Frontpoint: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

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While it’s true that Frontpoint isn’t the only home security company to promise complete protection and peace of mind to all customers, we may be the only one that puts an emphasis on what we don’t provide.

We stand by the fact that we give customers everything they need and nothing they don’t. But what does that really mean? Is less actually more?

When it comes to purchasing home security that fits you, it can be.

Prior to selecting Frontpoint, you probably did a fair amount of shopping around. You may have a noticed that a lot of the other guys take an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach. Their offers primarily consist of packages or bundles that include either the wrong kind of equipment for you or more of it than you’ll ever need.

Frontpoint knows that one-size-fits-all doesn’t quite work when it comes to home security. Homes, lifestyles and needs all vary. Doesn’t it make sense to offer a home security solution that does the same?

With Frontpoint, this all happens from the very beginning. Our Security Consultants ask detailed questions to get a thorough picture of your home and needs, and start to build your system around that. The end result is a system that works for you, because it was built for you.

So, while our Freeze Sensor is a great product, we probably wouldn’t try to serve it up if you happen to live in Phoenix.

However, if you have a busy household and an active lifestyle, we’re likely to put in a good word for Interactive Monitoring.

Other alarm companies have another favorite add-on that’s noticeably absent from Frontpoint’s systems – hidden fees.

We’ve always believed in clear, upfront pricing. What you see is what you get – and what you pay.

And because our systems are easy to expand at any time, they grow with you. So, “not enough” is never a concern. Just let us know!

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  1. Michael

    I have had Frontpoint for a few years now, and I’m very happy with the service. They are always available. The staff are courteous ,friendly and patient.
    I recommend front point.

  2. mike krauleidis

    Well it sounds great. But not so simple. I have a system from front point. I have had many issues from faulty sensors to the extremely annoying issue with the company not selling all of the equipment that they promote. Such as the interactive thermostat. We cant find the equipment at any home improvement store. Dealer only and i’m not willing to spend 300$ plus for a service companies labor, plus a few hundred for a thermostat. At times i feel its better to deal with a provider that not only installs a system but also warranties and services the equipment it sells . Nothing worse than a customer having to find and locate pieces and parts of a home automated system to make it all work. . I could have bought the iris system from home depot if i new of the trouble i would have and am still dealing with. In the end please spend a lot of time researching before signing any contracts .