Frontpoint Mobile App Update v3.2.2

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In early June, the Frontpoint Mobile App was updated to v3.2.2 on both the iOS and Android platforms. And with the update came a couple of cool changes that might be useful to you, most notably, the introduction of “actionable notifications.”

Actionable Notifications

I originally brought up actionable notifications when the app for the Apple Watch was announced, and after a brief pause, the feature has made its way to mobile devices.

Actionable notifications are neat, and they make taking action easier than before. When receiving certain (not all) push notifications, the actionable feature allows you to take action directly from the notification itself without having to open the mobile app. For instance, if you have an arming reminder set up for entering or leaving a geo-fence, you can arm your system right from the push notification.

You don’t need to set up anything to use actionable notifications, the feature is automatically ready-to-use with the update.

Thermostat User Interface Update

If you have an automated thermostat tied to your Frontpoint system, and use the app to control it, you may have noticed a change to the user interface. The app interface for thermostat control now looks (and functions) similar to the thermostat tab on

Using the new interface is not overly-complex, but just in case, there will be a guided tour available for those who need it when the thermostat portion of the app is first opened.

Here to Help

As always, if you have any questions about the app update or anything else, we’re happy to help. Ask your questions here on the blog, or just give us a ring.

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  1. Big Daddy

    Is there a list of actionable notifications anywhere, and are they compatible with the basic control panel?

    • Gilbert Cho

      Currently, you can have actionable notifications for arming reminders and locking doors (with a smart lock). And yes, these are compatible with the Simon XT Control Panel!

  2. debby lynn

    Is there an app for my windows phone?