More Warnings on Confronting Burglars: Police Officer Shot in Own Home

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Every police department in the US agrees on this important advice: do not, under any circumstances, confront a burglar in your home. The big problem is that you don’t always know that an intruder is in your home when you walk through the door – especially if you have no alarm system to alert police, and scare the burglar off. It’s a dangerous situation when you enter your home thinking all is well, and encounter someone in the act of stealing your cash, jewelry, or electronics. When you have no warning, as happened in this story from St. Louis, Missouri, the results can be frightening – and in this case, the homeowner was a police officer.

St. Louis County police have arrested two men in connection with the shooting of an off-duty St. Louis officer who interrupted a burglary at his home in Riverview. Authorities expect the sergeant, who works in the Second District, to survive. The officer was out of surgery Thursday evening. The surgery went well, police said, and he is recuperating at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Background on the Case

On Thursday night, investigators were examining forensic evidence and interviewing two men police took into custody Thursday afternoon. St. Louis Police Officer Rick Eckhard said this morning that detectives worked through the night and are preparing to present a case to the prosecuting attorney. The off-duty sergeant was alone in his home on Lookaway Drive, near the north edge of St. Louis, about 12:35 p.m. when he discovered the burglars. The 23-year veteran of the force was reportedly shot in the abdomen.

What Happened Next

The injured sergeant called 911 to report he had been shot, according to Eckhard. He was conscious and breathing when police arrived at the scene of the shooting, police said. He was first taken to Christian Hospital, but police closed off traffic to take him to Barnes-Jewish Hospital. He arrived there about 1:25 p.m. and was conscious and stable. He underwent several hours of surgery Thursday.

Typical: a day-time burglary, when intruders expect that nobody is home. And while the story is not clear on the exact turn of events, it’s certainly possible – even likely – that the burglars gained access to the home when the police officer was not there. As is usually the case in these situations – and I could cite thousands more from daily crime reports – chances are there was no alarm system in the home of the victim. In fact, only about 20% of US homes do have a monitored alarm system that can trigger a police dispatch. Imagine how much safer you would feel when entering your home at any time of day or night, without worrying about who might be there. And with interactive monitoring services, such as those offered by FrontPoint, you can receive a text or email any time a door opens, telling you which door. That’s the kind of protection more people are looking for, as home intrusion statistics continue to get worse across much of the US.

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