Police Report Burglaries Spiking Again in Palo Alto, California

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Known as the home of Stanford University and several high-profile, high-tech companies like Hewlett Packard, Palo Alto, California is a beautiful place to live. It’s also one of the most expensive and most educated cities in the US. But its residents are not immune from the increase in residential crime that is afflicting much of the country, as reported in this recent article.

For the second time this year, Palo Alto is experiencing a surge in residential burglaries, a police spokesman announced Monday. At least 20 burglaries have been reported to police since the beginning of June, according to Detective Sgt. Brian Philip. Although they have taken place all over Palo Alto, the majority occurred in the north part of town. The burglars are continuing to get into homes through unlocked rear doors and windows, Philip said.

It still amazes me how many burglars gain entry into homes through unlocked doors and windows. In fact, we know exactly where burglars are mostly likely to break in. But then again, I’m also still trying to figure out why only one in five US homes has a monitored alarm system, with a burglary occurring every 14 seconds!

What Police are Doing

Burglary suppression remains a top priority for police and a “number of significant arrests” have been made, including that of three people who were breaking into cars on Edgewood Drive Monday morning, Philip said. Police are investigating whether the adult and two youths are responsible for any of the recent residential burglaries. Michael Holden, 36, was also arrested Monday on suspicion of burglarizing an apartment unit on Tanland Drive.

After a Lull, a New Spike

Seventy-one daytime residential burglaries were reported to police during the first three months of the year, or nearly half of the 149 reported in all of 2011. The trend cooled in April after police launched a “Lock It or Lose It” campaign to encourage residents to secure their homes. Police on Monday reminded residents to call 911 to report suspicious behavior.

In many jurisdictions, police also remind residents to arm their alarms systems – and to consider getting one if they haven’t already done so. Since the latest home security offerings (like FrontPoint) include safer cellular monitoring, advanced interactive features, and even home automation, there is more reason than ever to make the modest investment now.

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