Police Tackle Burglary Spike in Upscale Brooklyn Neighborhood

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This past May I blogged on a residential burglary spike in an upscale Brooklyn, New York neighborhood – Park Slope. Considered one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City, Park Slope had experienced a serious increase in crime. The neighborhood in western Brooklyn is widely acclaimed for its architecture, restaurants, schools, and general quality of life: and now, thanks to police efforts, its safety score has improved:

From February through April, Park Slope suffered a spike in burglaries, which caused a 200 percent increase at one point with 15 burglaries in March. However, after cops made three arrests recently, the spike in burglaries seems to have broken, according to the 78th precinct’s Executive Officer, Captain Julio Ordonez. One of the arrests took place on April 5, when police arrested a 24-year-old man while he was breaking into a Windsor Terrace apartment, which is covered by the 72nd precinct.

Crime Details – Pinpointing  Areas of Concern

In the past 28 days, there were nine burglaries compared to 15 in the height of the spree, according to Ordonez. During the spree, Ameri said that the burglars focused on residential apartment buildings around 13th and 14th streets, and then around St. Marks Avenue and Bergen Street. But now, those areas are not being affected as much as they were, Ordonez indicated. “We had a couple areas in which we had concerns,” Ordonez said. “But we arrested three individuals and with those arrests the crime took care of itself.”

Burglaries Still High, but Reduced

Ordonez said that there are still burglaries in Park Slope, but the spree, which was categorized by the same method of entry—most of the homes were broken into by crooks climbing in open back windows off fire escapes— is no longer happening. From April 20 to May 20, there were 10 burglaries, one more than this month. “We made the right arrests at the right time,” Ordonez said. “There are still burglaries, but we are not seeing the same spike as before.”

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