Smarter Home Alarm Systems, Part #1 – Take Control!

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Most people see their current alarm systems as limited in two important ways:

1)      Other than basic intrusion protection, they really don’t do much.

2)      You have to be at home to control them.

But your system can do moreand you can control it from anywhere. This post is the first in a multi-part series that lays out interactive monitoring, and explains in detail what the right alarm system with wireless, interactive features, can do – today.

The word is getting out: alarm systems are finally getting smarter. Not only are today’s alarm systems moving away from traditional (and vulnerable) phone lines to cellular monitoring – they also have on-line and interactive features that let you access and control your system remotely via the web, or even using an app on your cell phone or PDA. Features can include the following:

  • Remote arm/disarm capability turn you system on or off, on-line or from any web-enabled device.
  • Special apps – free apps for iPhone, Blackberry, Android to make navigation fast and easy.
  • Email & text notifications – about anything happening at your home: doors opening, loss of power, system status, “no-show” alerts, etc.
  • Video services – live viewing from any web connection (including your phone) and motion-activated clips sent real-time, and stored remotely where you can access them.
  • Smart home – remote lights, locks, and thermostat control for the ultimate in convenience.

Remote Control

Traditional alarm systems can only be controlled while you’re at home—you can arm and disarm, check status, and perhaps a few more functions. But, when you leave, you’re completely out of touch. Some companies call a wireless device (like a key fob) remote control: don’t’ be fooled! Real remote control means easy access to your alarm system from the office, on a business trip, or on vacation, from any web-enabled device.

That means you’re in charge from any computer or mobile device where you can access the Internet, so remote control is getting easier all the time.

  • Forget to arm the system in the morning? (I’ve done that!) Use the easy app on your iPhone to arm it from the car, or your computer when you get to work.
  • Need to let someone in the house (plumber, electrician, dog-walker)? Remotely disarm the system, and then arm it when they leave.

Password-protected and encrypted access to your system means you (and anyone you designate) are the only ones who can perform these remote functions.

Remote control is just the first of the interactive monitoring benefits – so keep your eyes peeled here for the rest. FrontPoint specializes in these next-generation services, with 100% wireless and cellular monitoring, so we’re ready to lead the way. The door is open to the future – and you’re in control!

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