Stupidest Burglars Strike Again: Three Stories

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The average burglar is clearly not a highly intelligent person – and those of us who abide by the law know there are smarter ways to earn a living than breaking into homes to steal cash, jewelry, and electronics, often to support a drug habit. Remember, burglary is usually a random act, not a carefully planned heist such as we see on TV or in the movies. So if we agree that the average burglar is not the brightest bulb on the tree, it may explain this report from Metairie, Louisiana, of two underage burglars who bragged about their heist – in a bar. But read on, as there are two more great stories after this one!

Authorities say a pair of alleged burglars was arrested after a friend of the victim in a recent Metairie break-in overheard them chatting about the caper. Despite their ages, Julien Cadis, 17, and Brent Prince, 19, both of Metairie, were sitting in a local bar Friday when a friend of the victim recognized details of his friend’s burglary as the teens discussed their Oct. 1 heist, according to Jefferson Paris Sheriff’s Office. The owner had reported more than $50,000 worth of jewelry, electronic equipment and firearms stolen in the burglary, which sounded suspiciously like the one being described by the pair at the bar.

What Happened Next

The friend discreetly dialed up his friend and the Sheriff’s Office, and Cadis and Prince were taken into custody. The teens took investigators to their room at the Days Hotel in Metairie, the arrest report said. Deputies found some of the victim’s property after searching the room and the teens’ vehicle, the report said. But they also turned up several pieces of women’s jewelry that had been reported stolen in another burglary.

While some might argue that it’s smart to know when to shut up, it’s even smarter not to commit burglary. Now for the next story, from East Haven, Connecticut – and this one is all about knowing whose house you are planning to rob.

A burglary suspect made a big mistake when he tried to break into the house of a police commissioner. The New Haven Register reports that Arsen Lazri was arrested Tuesday on charges of criminal attempt at burglary, possession of burglar’s tools, resisting and interfering with police and criminal trespass. Carl Perez, vice chairman of the Board of Police Commission and a retired corrections officer, says he stopped Lazri from breaking into his neighbor’s house after he allegedly tried to break into his home.

The Wrong House – and the Wrong Victim

“I knew he was up to no good when he was on my deck, then he went over to my neighbor’s house,” Perez said. Perez left his house and said he asked the man, “What are you doing?” Lazri said he wasn’t doing anything, and Perez said he told him that running would not be a good choice. “Then he tried to run right through me,” he said. Perez said he subdued Lazri and held him until police arrived. Police Sgt. David Emerman said Lazri resisted attempts to take him into custody and that he possessed burglar’s tools, latex gloves and a knife. Lazri, a felon with five previous burglary arrests, was held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Another repeat burglar is headed back to jail. Well, that should be his last attempt for a while. Now comes a story from New York City that shows how it pays to stay current with technology – especially when using that technology while committing a crime.

23-year-old Emmanuel Jerome was handed a lengthy prison sentence when he and some of his friends burgled a house and were subsequently caught because the thief recorded the whole event. Jerome decided to not use the lights of the house he was targeting but instead utilized his iPhone’s flashlight. Unfortunately for him, he appears to have mistakenly recorded the crime through video recording.

Hard to Believe, I Know

Police searched through his iPhone for evidence and found footage of the whole burglary. Consequently, Jerome received a 44 weeks jail sentence. “Significantly, in my view, camera footage of the invasion of that property was captured on your mobile phone,” Judge John Potter told him. Thefts of Apple products in New York City have increased more than the overall percentage of crime committed during the past year. According to the police department, the firm’s iDevices were stolen in 11,447 incidents between January 1 and September 23.

Here are three sets of burglars who should be off the street for a long time, but sadly there are plenty more to take their place. And this article does demonstrate that burglars are persistent, and are not quick to learn from their mistakes. That’s why it just makes sense to increase your peace of mind with a monitored alarm system – preferably one with safer cellular monitoring, the kind FrontPoint sells. With a burglary happening every 14 seconds somewhere in the US, you want the best protection to deliver the most peace of mind. Along with cellular monitoring, check out our industry-best interactive features, and you can see why FrontPoint is the leader in wireless home security, and the #1 ranked home alarm company in the US.  When you are ready for safer, smarter, simpler, more affordable, and virtually impossible to defeat, FrontPoint is your clear choice. Then you’ll be ready – even for the smart burglars.

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